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Back on lupron inspite of the terrible side effects


I am 62y/o diagnosed in 2011. Psa 10, had surgery and radiation , never went down to zero. Started lupron 2017, psa went down below 1. Took a 6 months break, psa back up to 11. Started lupron this week. Hopefully psa will go back down.

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PSA will go down until the cancer becomes castrate resistant. If you are lucky, it will not happen for many years. On the average, it takes about 2 to 3 years for prostate cancer to stop responding to Lupron.

whatsinaname in reply to dac500

The average figure really means nothing. Eligard did not work for me for even 6 months.

Had 30 months of ADT(Lupron/Casodex) and stopped on 03/31/2017 to stay sensitive. PSA was 840 at Dx in 01/2015 and got to a nadir of 0.1 with 15 chemos. About to restart Lupron on 12/14 - so next summer may be hellish with weather and hot flashes etc. Best to you brother

who told u that your psa has to be at o. the larger number of a psa means more cancer flowing through your blood stream. u can bet if u have numbers in the 1,000s your on your way out. mine after 10 years went to 60 due to the fact i couldn't get any zytiga but had provenge and now have a year of zytiga so will be interested in what the numbers are even after my lupron hot. don't know how long u've had the cancer and what treatments u've gone thru


Did you ask you MO about trying Estradoil patches instead of Lupron. Supposed side effects much less. Good luck.

I have been on Lupron for six years this month. The first three years it was combined with Casodex, but my Florida urologist dropped it. No sign of resistance at this time.

Good luck with Lupron. No reason why it shouldn't slam the PSA level.


I was on Lupron for 6 1/2 years and my PSA has been 0.000.

I was on Lupron for 6 months and then took at break after robotic prostectomy. Now I'm back on it. I had a glorious summer without it but my PSA started to rise. I can live with the hot flashes. Mine are frequent but only last 30 seconds or so. I tend to get them when I've had something sugary or when I change temperatures naturally. Take off a sweater-get a hot flash. Take off a sweater-get a hot flash. The symptoms I hate are the muscle wasting. I've been combating that by walking, walking, walking on uneven surfaces, trails, fields. I try to break trails and climb over logs. But my ligaments get very sore. I describe them as feeling like a cooked turkey drumstick where all of the ligaments are stiff and brittle. After exercise I get very sore. Good luck!

Thanks eric, i seem to get very fatigued mostly depends on how physical i was during my 10 hour work day. I will definitely watch my sugar intake. Does ever effect your mood? I am always thinking about the cancer and everything that comes with it.


Eligard works good for me.

Yes. It has given me wide mood swings and there have been times when I’ve had to withdraw. A good strategy for me was to let everyone know “Hey. I’m on hormone therapy and I might get cranky or sad”. I lost a 40 friendship when we argued over something completely stupid. He refused to cut me any slack and walked. I knew some of my friendships would change through this battle. You will learn who your true friends are. As much as I hate being on the Lupron, I hope it works for me for many, many years. At Gleason 9 it is likely keeping me alive. Good luck. Don’t be hard on yourself

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