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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Post prostectomy patient back on lupron

I am 58 had my prostate removed 7 years ago did a 13 week radiation round followed by watch and wait til I had to start Lupton when Ps a started to raise all bone scans have been clear . Now back on Lupton after 2 years of bicudimide waiting to see if Ps a drops again on this round . The Dr main concern was the rise in my testosterone level went for 16 on Lupton to 1460 off it . I hate the side effects of Lupton mostly hot flashes that wake me every hour . I run or walk 8 miles a day to try to fight weight gain any suggestions

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For hot flashes: acupuncture or estrogen patch (with 10 mg tamoxifen)


I just use estradiol patches changed twice weekly for hot flashes. Work fine.




Where are you located? You might consider taking the 1.5 hr online ADT educational program. Canadians, who take the class get the ADT booker free Check out LIFEonADT.com

Richard W.


Don’t eat sugar. To lose weight.. 8 miles a day is impressive..must be diet.. Effects of ADT = castration , and yes it sucks.. Strange what once made us strong “T” ,, now is our nemesis.


I am on ADT (Eligard). For hot flashes 75-mg of venlafaxine works immediately and eliminates about 90%. It is a generic antidepressant. Please ask your doctor about venlafaxine!


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