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Very young to have this Dx


I really feel for all of you on this post, but honestly, I have never see anyone below 60 in any post with this diagnosis, and you should be happy that you have had as long to live your life. My husband was 45 when he was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer to bones. All of his bones are affected, besides small ones like hands and feet; and now spinal meninges, bladder and liver involvement. He just turned 47 and is doing the last treatment he can have; a cycle of chemo cabazitaxel and carboplatin.

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I'm so sorry to hear this. That is so young. My husband was 53 which is also young; 58 now.

I'm very sorry. I'm 54 and I feel too young for my disease. I now wear diapers which will likely be permanent. It is truly a death of a thousand cuts, but there is living to be done and I hope you and your husband found a life "with" cancer.

I understand the picture you are painting. There are others with similar stories, at various ages---47 is so young--as doctors do not even ask men to do PSA blood tests until about 55. You are the only one who truly understands the next set of circumstances, you and your husband will being walking through, with this disease.

I can only speak for myself, so to say I am sorry, is a set of 3 words. Not nearly enough to begin to cover the insidious nature of Prostate Cancer, and its affects on the human spirit. There is a Jewish Prayer for the Healing of the sick. I have just prayed it as I am a believing Jew. So I will write the prayer: {The Mishebeirach} below:

May the one who blessed our ancestors, the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and our Matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah; Bless and Heal angletrinity, and her Husband, who are a Daughter and Son of our Miscabah{Family}

May the Holy Blessed One overflow with compassion, upon Him and Her to restore Him and Her to Heal Him and Her, to strengthen Him and Her, Speedily. A complete Healing, a Healing of the Soul, and of the Body, along with all the ill. among the people of Israel, and all Humankind soon, speedily, without delay, and the People who hear, or read this will say Amen.

Shalom Unto You,


Wise words my Friend. G-d truly holds the answer for all.


Haven't heard a peep form you gourd_dancer IN AWHILE---pray all is well with you--happy holidays! And more years for all of us for QOL.


There are no words, really, but Nalakrats said it perfectly. I hope you realize you are not alone and use this site for all the support and especially information. There is a wealth of information here; I have feel so humble with gratitude for all I've received here in terms of both.

Hi there! It's definitely young but not unheard of. If that is of any consolation there are many of us younger 50 here. I'm 48 with advanced metastatic stage 4 PCa. I have two teenage kids, and being recently remarried wanted to have another child. What a bummer...

I take an inspiration in the fact that I'm still young and have plenty of energy and strength to fight the fight. I also thankful to live in times when there is so much information and support through communities like this and every year brings new treatment options. I hope your husband will find one that helps him to put this coward disease out and keep it at bay. Welcome and stay strong!

So sorry to hear about your husband. I thought I was young at 55 but 45 and so advanced is really unfair. I will keep him in my prayers.

I was 55 when diagnosed; however, 5years earlier my Personal Physician at the time did a DRE and said, “ I feel a hardness in the mid-quadrant; better see an Urologist “. I never did, just ignored it I guess.

I discovered later on at another site that knowing your families health history can give vital info, especially when comes to family members having had cancer. I also discovered one young man at 27 had PCa.

Sorry to hear that. I was originally Dx at 42 with GL6 and had a hit on a biopsy with GL7 at 43 with an RP a month later. Had a reoccurrence at 45 and wrapped up radiation/ADT this summer. So far so good, but only time will tell if it returns and is more advanced. It is rough to hear you are this advanced at 47, but yes we are way too early for this garbage. I sympathize with anyone at any age that has to take this on, but selfishly would have liked a decade or 2 more before having to face it.

I am 52 years young and diagnosed back in early October 2018. Stage 4 with Mets to lymph and bones. I have two very young daughters ages 4 and 2. I am so sorry to hear your news. I will pray for you and your husband. Peace.

Def young but there are lots on this site in the same boat. My husband was 49 at diagnosis. PSA of almost 700 and Mets. There was just a post about those under 50. I will try to find it for you!

Here is the post!

I was 54 when diagnosed. There are plenty of younger men with the disease. Just keep fighting and staying strong.

Dont worry you are not alone, my husband recently turned 44 in June this year and a few days after his bday he was diagnosed with stage 4B PCa gleason 9 with mets to several lymph nodes, pelvis bone, spine, ribs. Now on Zytiga, Xgeva and Eligard and I believe he is doing well. He is the youngest patient being treated by his doctors at the moment.

Staying positive, prayerful and lots of exercise has helped my husband remain strong as he still continues to work now. So, please hang in there.

All I can say is, Kick Pca to the curb.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 11/26/2018 9:26 PM EST

Angel, I found out at 48, Im 57 now. My psa was 7 and the biopsy was 3+3=6. I refused the traditional RP, radiation an chemo for survelience. Ive also done everything opposite to everyone here. Instead of decreasing my Testosterone( which was 66) I took an take shots to boost it to between 600-1000, so i feel alive and Im able to work. Operating a 200ton dozer asleep is not pretty, nor is sleep driving aiming toward a bridge support an just before impact your wife grabbing the steering wheel. So I researched alternatives, cut out sugar, lost 50lbs, eat better foods, drink high ph alkaline water I make myself. Since 2010 I added chinese mushrooms, ellagic acid, many other supplements but over the last year when psa topped out at 32.5 and a score of 4+3=7, I added cbd oil. By the time I had MRIg FLA( isolated laser ablation) June 2018, my psa was 19. In October it was 13, I believe only that high because my supplier would not ship to Alabama, had no oil from August -October. A new supplier was found in early November and Im taking it several times a day. A 6 month postop MRI is planned for late December.

Myriammole in reply to rfarley01

Are you only taking CBD or also THC? How much?

Sorry to hear this. Has your husband looked into Lutetium 177. I've been in contact with a guy here in Australia who said his bone scan looked like a Dalmatian dog before and now he is clear of cancer. Doesn't work for all, but worth investigating.

I was diagnosed on my 46th birthday at stage 4 Gl 9/10, (if I didn’t live remote, I too would have been 45 at Dx) now 48. Not fun to be ‘young’ and in this club. Trying to work, raise kids, fight this dragon. Chemo knocked it back for me, hopefully it will do the same for your husband!

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