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Prostate Cancer & Zytiga


I have been on zytiga for well over a year. My PSA went from a 3 and the highest it's been since I've been on zytiga was a .57 and at this time is now down to a .27 . When I was diagnosed my PSA was at an eight and they decide to do a biopsy and they said my my biopsy was a 7. I was treated with couple different drugs before they decided to follow up with chemotherapiy for 21 weeks and after the chemo they put me on zytiga I am trying to get my insurance to allow me to go to the Mayo Clinic to get a second opinion to see if I've got stage 4 prostate cancer. I have never experienced any pain with this stage 4 and they said there was a couple small areas in the pelvic girdle that look like it might be cancer but now with ones bone scans I can't find that. That is why I'm trying to get my insurance company to allow me to go to get a second opinion. I am tired of taking drugs. Good luck to you and don't worry cuz it is what it is.

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Unfortunately, ADT and Zytiga shrink mets, making them hard to find.

GoBucks in reply to Tall_Allen

Actually we are fortunate to have drugs shrink the mets but I know what you mean above. So why do so many here get scans every 6 months or yearly? Is it to simply compare to the original scan which showed the mets?

Tall_Allen in reply to GoBucks

Good point that we are fortunate to have those drugs. Yes, bone scans/CT are done to see if there is radiographic progression on second line hormonals or chemo. i don't think they are needed every 6 months or yearly (that would be a lot of unnecessary full body radiation) - only when there is a biochemical indicator of failure.

Celtic in reply to Tall_Allen

You've just answered a query in my mind T_A. Hubby has to have bone and CT scans to see the current state of spread into the bones and lungs prior to instigating Zytiga. I've been feeling somewhat concerned about all the radiation as he only had both scans in mid-July plus another CT more recently due to being in intense pain in the kidney/groin area - this turned out to be a kidney stone stuck in the ureter. Having ureteroscopy next Wednesday. A copy of the urologist's letter to our GP is a bit disquieting as he refers to it being a large kidney stone (7mm), and expresses concern due to the prostate cancer!

When you were first diagnosed, before any treatment, did they do a bone and CT scan to rule out or verify any mets ? Did they find anything ? Were you offered surgery or radiation at that time ? It's going to be hard for Mayo or anyone else to verify stage 4 now as the ADT you are on makes detection very difficult....

Poscan4 in reply to Fairwind

They did a bone scan and a CT scan bit no biopsy. I eas told that removing the Prostate would be useless as how it had already metastasized.

Fairwind in reply to Poscan4

If your cancer has metastasized, it is no longer curable.. You will be on the ADT for the rest of your life. (if you follow your doctors advise). From now on, your treatment will be palliative, aimed at extending your life for as long as possible...But chin up ! Many men respond to this treatment and live long enough to die from something else....Everyday, new breakthroughs are being made and sooner or later they will beat this thing...

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