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I’ve been living with a cancer diagnosis since November 19, 2008. What a journey! Recently, the nurse for my oncologist at the Proton Center in Jacksonville, Fla., where I had 19 proton beam treatments, 18 IMRT radiation treatments, and 7 taxotere treatments from March -May 2009, called me. She said my oncologist, Nancy Mendenhall, wanted to know how I was doing. I said tell her “I’m alive, and doing well, all things considered”. She asked me a few questions then told me they had started recommending a book to their patients. The book is titled ‘Radical Remission’ written by Kelly Turner, PH.D. (you can find it on Amazon for $16.99). My wife and I have been reading it and is amazing simply for the fact that this lady has studied over 1,000 cases of radical remission and has discovered 9 common threads that lead to it. It’s an eye opening book and I HIGHLY recommend that anyone who has a cancer diagnosis read it. It could lead you to radical remission. I must warn you, the paths that these people have taken are radical, so one needs a open mind when reading it. This is a book full of testimonials therefore it’s a book full of HOPE for everyone living with a cancer diagnosis. That’s all I’ll say about the book. But please, get it and read it and at the very least consider what others have done to live, which is what every cancer patient, and their families, want

Have an exceedingly blessed day,

Craig ✝️😊

Romans 15:13 Isaiah 58:8

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I hope she publishes her findings in a peer-reviewed medical journal instead of trying to make money off of susceptible cancer patients. I think it's unconscionable that she called you to sell her book,and that you went on a forum to help her sell it. You should be skeptical of anyone who does such a thing.

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Tall, either I wasn’t clear or you read my post wrong. The author of the book did not call me but rather my oncology nurse from the proton center in Jacksonville, Fla did. My oncology nurse recommended this book to me NOT the author. The proton center is starting to give this book to their patients so I assume it’s backed by many of the doctors there. In the almost 10yrs. on my journey, I’ve paid for medical treatments and drugs I wish I never took, so I’ll gladly pay $16.99 for a book that could potentially give me more quality days in this life before I pass on to the next. I hope this clears up who and how I learned of this book.

Have an exceedingly blessed day, Craig ✝️😊

Romans 15:13

Isaiah 58:8

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My comment stands about the fact that a doctor with a miraculous finding should publish it in a peer-reviewed journal first. If it's true that many doctors at the proton center like it, she should have no trouble getting peer reviewers. Until then, it goes in the garbage heap with all the other internet miracles.

Bless you, Craig.

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I read this book during a hard start with APC and it helped me believe that anything is possible .Gave me hope . I recommend” Radical Remissions” to any one newly diagnosed with any type of cancer. Thanks Craig😎

I found this book a very interesting form of enquiry and IMO written in good faith. I say enquiry because I don't think it can be considered as scientific research. The author states that the book was based on a dissertation so at least the dissertation would have been subject to peer review. I hope there are some scientific studies into why radical remission occurs but I don't think it's going to happen in a hurry.

In theory it would be possible to compare the survival statistics of cancer sufferers following the authors "key factors" and those that don't but in practice the effects of medication would make meaningful results difficult.

Some of the "key factors" such as improving diet are already generally accepted as beneficial.

I am trying to take on the key factors myself but IMO it would be very dangerous to give up conventional medication to only follow the key factors.

I attended a weekend workshop with the author of "Radical Remission" at Omega institute in NY a few weeks ago. Her claims are made from her research in interviewing over 1000 patients. (Some remission survivors spoke at the presentation.) I haven't read the book. However, during the workshop there was much explanation about each of the "key" factors. I found her going into further explanations helpful... The first factor having "reasons for living" is a good start in "tackling" the challenges of PCa. The last factor in having a "spiritual connection" is key as well. I felt her honesty and integrity in what she had to offer!

Thanks for your post on the Turner book. For those of us who want/need more scientific support and detail about strategies for dealing with cancer (and there are apparently many of us), I recommend checking out "Anti-Cancer..A New Way of Life" by Servan-Schreiber, MD/PhD ($14.24 on Amazon). It is well researched and presented, and I've found it to be far more substantive than the others that I've reviewed over the past 25 years that my personal research interests have expanded to include PCa. Note, however, that this work is nearly two decades old and in many cases simply documents much of what is now generally accepted about diet, environmental issues, etc.. I still refer back to it now and then.


That is very interesting, thank you for recommending. It is too late for my husband, but not too late for so many others, and I am definitely going to read it!

Of course, scepticism is always necessary, but so is being open-minded. To simply reject something just because it has not yet been published in a big study is non-sense from my point of view. There is so much we just don't and can't know.

So, have a lovely read everyone!


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