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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Just joined group, I was diagnosed with Stg 3 Prostate cancer in May, ‘15; with a Gleason score of 9/10, had a prostatectomy in Aug, followed by radiation and hormone therapy for 1 yr, prior to prostatectomy, PSA was 13 , one month after surgery, PSA was 0.04, treatment kept it at 0.008 til Sept ‘17; it is now 3.7 ug/L. Had a PSMA Pet scan , revealing mets on skull and spine, will undergo radiation, Abiraterone, Goserellin and Prednisone in Nov.

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With multiple mets on the skull and spine, you should consider docetaxel ASAP. You can follow with abiraterone after 6 cycles.

MyKis in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks for input, will discuss with onco, scan shows only two spots, one on skull and one on spine

Tall_Allen in reply to MyKis

In that case, abiraterone should be fine for now.

You are going to need a course of Chemo! This IMO Only. And I would get a Chromogranin A---blood test. This is to check for NEPca cell activity.This test if positive or negative can help choose the best Chemo agent to be used.


Wish well my friend bu dont forget to walk!

What did you think of the hormonal therapy! This is the second time I had to do it! I found that it wasn't as bad as the first time! I also had Provenge treatment in 2012 but it did not work!

MyKis in reply to Jeff54

This is my second round of hormone therapy too, will see how it goes


That’s a hard blow to take . Sorry for this uptick . Hope that you can lay it back to rest. I was #4 non -op,dx also 3-15 same year as you. RT &adt to date. No signs ,PSA < .004. So when I see your story I acknowledge that we all are in limbo awaiting what we all know is a most likely return and another round of fun. I pray for your success in jumping these current hurdles... Take care. Scott

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I’m pulling for you!

to MyKis, Your age, location, and who or where are you being treated? Sometimes this info is helpful to members who can advise you.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Friday 10/05/2018 7:00 PM EDT

Im 56, a chef in Vancouver, BC. Have been advised to take time off this second time round when treatment begins in Nov.

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