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Xofigo problems?


Hi all, I've completed 2 treatments of the Xofigo / Radium 223. I've had the nausea and vomiting pretty bad, the dr had warned me it could be bad and it's been really bad. But now I'm beginning to experience some new different pains... pain in my stomach but it extends all the way around my torso, in my low abdomen all the way up into my chest and all the way around my back. Has anyone experienced anything like this or anything unusual with Xofigo? Thanks in advance! God bless everyone here!

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Hello Wileyl,

I'll be getting my 4th treatment later this month. Nausea...yes, I experienced that too...fatigue also. I have randomly experienced the type of abdominal pains you describe, but none of mine extended to my back. Did your dr prescribe or offer to prescribe promethazine or prochlorperazine for the nausea ?

Take Care,


My Xofigo experience included a lot of nausea and vomiting. I had similar pain twice. Once it was referred pain from rib mets. The other time it was a cracked rib. Good luck with it.

No. did not react well but nothing like that • CALL your DOC !

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