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I'm new here...short intro

Hello. As a Prostate Cancer survivor I'll be looking to this forum for any helpful information in living with my condition and for possible future treatments. For now, I'll just post my signature information from the other forum I'm with:

57 yr old, with family Hx of prostate cancer

11/15/14 PSA 4.6; 2/26/15 PSA 4.44;9/12/15 PSA 4.71;3/31/16 PSA 5.52; DRE-neg

3/31/16 PCA3 score=37; 4/2/17 PSA 6.77; OncotypeDx (3/2/17) GPS score 16 (low to very low risk)LFP score 82%. 7/22/16 Biopsy Gleason 3+3=6; 6 of 13 cores postitive; 80% in 2 cores; normal size, no abnormalities in shape

7/26/17 completed SBRT Tx @ UCLA (Dr C. King)

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Howdy Pax36. Welcome.

How have the urinary continence, erectile function and other nearby tissues been in the 13 months since you had your SBRT? Any handy tips or experiences to add for other members who may have similar histories or be facing similar procedures?

I've heard that some others here either attend or help to run some face-to-face Prostate Cancer Support Groups in the Los Angeles area. Maybe they will reply or open a chat with you. See also:

This blog site also has lots of good stuff.

Prostate Cancer News, Reviews & Views


For example:




Thanks for your question. As far as any side effects after my SBRT treatment, I have had very little. No urinary incontinence, or erectile dysfunction. I do remember having some bowel tenesmus. This did not occur right away, maybe a week afterwards, but the feeling is like needing to move your bowels but nothing comes out. I also experienced very soft stools while receiving the SBRT treatment, so at first, I thought this is what was continuing. It wasn't until I consulted with others who received this treatment that I realized it was more like tenesmus.

The SBRT treatment itself went well, as I was looking for a treatment which would lead me to a minimum of side effects, especially those which might last the rest of my life, since I am relatively young. I also tried to do as much research as I could prior to treatment and I narrowed it down to either HDR brachy or SBRT. This is because a lot of the research I came across noted that for Prostate cancer, higher doses of radiation seem to work better at preventing recidivism.

Let me know if you would like more information, I would be glad to share any experience I have.

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If urinary incontinence is problem with you have you doctor prescribe Imipramine. I works well for me.


Welcome to the group. Comfort and ideas are available here. PMA is the most important and vital thread in this group.


What is PMA and where do I find it?


Positive Mental Attitude

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I actually think getting a good uro-oncologist who detects the disease correctly and then treats it effectively is more important than having a PMA. Without the good oncologist, the latter is useless.


PMA to me includes taking all positive measures but limiting WORRY and ANXIETY. Those things keep one from appreciating what he has and LIVING.


If you read my blurb, you would know all the positive things I've done medically but I want to enjoy life and and my granddaughter without obsessions. Many here suffer anxiety even with the BEST treatment.


Hi, pax36 feel free to talk and there is a website and it can be helpful for you please visit cancerbro.com/ and spread cancer awareness with me.


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