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Xgeva and Bone Mets


Fighting PC since December of 2003. Under Dr. Myers was in long term remission until 2015 when PSA started doubling. With more ADT went to undetectable. New MO suspicious since I am Gleason 9 (5+4). Said that with high Gleason sometimes PSA did not show mets. Bone scan in December last year. Mets all over skeletond. Started on Xgeva in February. Also take avodart, lipitor for heart, baby aspirin, metformin, resversatol, caclium and vitamin C, pomegranet supplement, Xterec for allergies, lisinopril.

Had minor side effects until last week. Woke up in middle of night and felt like bones in rib cage were crushing. Since then have had sporadic but severe pain from different parts of my body. Gave up golf and weight lifting in case this is a muscle thing. Also have a upper respiratory infection. Thought it was related to smoke from fires in our area but now not sure. Bad news, the hospital had not renewed my MO's contract and he was one of the good ones.

If this is all due to Xgeva and it is working on the bone mets then that is fine. Afraid it is the cancer.

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Xgeva strengthens bones and prevents fractures while on ADT. Try adding Celebrex to it.

Docetaxel and Xofigo would be good next steps. They should both reduce pain from bone mets.

Thanks Tall Allen. I miss Dr. Myers and now will have a new MO. We live in remote mountains. I was lucky with last one who followed Dr. Myers . I will ask the new one about

Celebrex, Docetaxel,and Xofigo. Are the symptoms I described typical?

Superheat 12

Yes, bone mets typically become painful.

You might add vit K2 with nattokinase for bone health.

Who was your mo after Myers?

I am currently using Dr. Armas. I live in the mountains in Colorado. He coordinated with Dr. Myers and seems excellent. Unfortunately, he is in a dispute with the hospital and I will probably be looking for a new one. Any suggestions?

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