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Recent screening with PSMA-F18


My father underwent a psma-F18 screening last tuesday to identify possible bone mets. Hopefully if they identify something it is located in a small area. The next step will be to redefine the approach. One possibility will be to go to Utrecht were psma-Lu177 is one of the treatments available. Perhaps in combinations with hormone therapy a combination of Eligard injections and cyproterone ( Androcur ). This proces and the discussions with his doctors are keeping alert and i try to read as much as possible.

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I had lymph node metastasis identified by a GA68 PSMA PET/CT in 2016. I started ADT with Lupron and Casodex. Then I went to Munich and I was treated with LU 177 PSMA once. A new GA68 PSMA PET/CT six weeks later did not show the metastasis. I continue the ADT and my PSA is 0.06.

If he only has a few mets, perhaps SBRT should be considered before Lu-177 (??). Starting hormone therapy is also a good idea to get the little systemic buggers.

I guess you're somewhere across the pond in Europe... If you're in the U.S. I've seen several posts here stating that LU177 treatment is now being offered in the U.S.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Friday 08/10/2018 3:47 PM EDT

He had sbrt radiotherapie september last year on a localized met on his right pelvis bone. It didn’t gave us the result ee were hoping for. PSA values up again after an initial drop to 0.5 . Oncologist indicated that growth is occuring in other positions. Screening With psma f18 was suggested and followed. Tomorrow results and a new plan of attack. Hope for the best

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