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Thanks for my wife

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I cannot believe what the past 13 months have been like. The UPS and downs are incredible. Trying to always be "brave" when it is not always so easy. But my wife is always there, always encouraging me, never failing to see the bright side. I don't know how she does it. Aren't they great! What would we do without them. I am not always in the best mood, and she gets mad at me. She has a right to. Don't they all? But somehow she fights right through it, always encouraging me. As we all know, this can be very depressing sometime. But now, after some failures, I am on a clinical trial. At 67, flying back and forth every other week to Houston from Denver will be exhausting. And I work full time. But she will get me through it. I know that. So thank you to the wife. She is the best there is. They all are. We love them all for their help and support. We need them.

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My wife... is my life...I love her more than anything else.... no words can explain... 💕

Yes. I like that. Our hero's.

My Friend you could have been discribing my wife then. Mine like yours always upbeat pushing me with pure positive thinking and a bit of sharp tongue. She is absolutely hopeless of the technical side of things but I can handle that and her art of positive thinking is fantastic I sure it also helped my mother in law live for nearly 20 years with osteoporosis.

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auroracham in reply to Rogersw

Aren't they great. I had a moment and had to say it. Good luck to you.

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You forgot to mention that your wife wrote that post 😊.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 08/08/2018 2:00 PM EDT

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j-o-h-n thank you for giving me something to laugh at everyday.

Have you considered retiring?

Thought about it, but now spending a lot going back and forth to Houston. Not free.

My wife is my rock don't know what I would do without her with or without APC.

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