YO, I SERVED IN THE ARMY FROM "77THRU "89 THOSE WERE SOME OF THE BEST YEARS OF MY YOUTH, wouldnt trade them for nothing. That lifestyle instilled in me a motivation and standard that I have used as a balance and measuring stick ever since basic training. That time taught me that I am able to accomplish ANY goal, Overcome Any obstacle, and WILL myself to defeat ANY OPPONENT, but most importantly, it taught me to Recognize MY ENEMY. Our bodies are basically small UNIVERSES with billions of organisims (families) that live inside of us, many go to work every second of their existence to bring home sustenance (FOOD) for other family members and or MOMS to be to consume so they may produce offspring TRUE STORY. I KNOW that we are PURE ENERGY (Inner G) in physical form, accented by psychological (consciousness) presence and controlled or secured with Spirit that is the being or essence that we Do Not Understand. Many have tried to explain what and why we are this, and there are many opinions. The one that matters the MOST is the one YOU BELIEVE IN. IT is YOUR BELIEF THAT WILL CARRY YOU THROUGH ALL OF THESE LIFE CHALLENGES. Doctors, Pastors, Wife Husband, Friend, Teacher Lawyer, it doesnt matter who says or does whatever at the beginning and end of the day it is WHAT YOU BELIEVE THAT DETERMINES HOW YOUR BODY AND MIND RESPONDS TO ANYTHING. All the meds in the world will not ease your PAIN if YOU dont Believe it will. How many times you took tylenol or hydro or whatever and it did nothing for your pain? How many times you took sleep aids or valium and still could not sleep?? You know I know cause I been there and its a fact, YOUR MIND CAN MAKE YOUR BODY BELIEVE WHAT YOUR EYES OR EARS WONT BELIEVE. You know what Placebo is right? Guess how many times your Docs did that to you? They will never tell but they do this frequently, how else do you think they adjust your meds, think they do it based on what YOU tell them?? Not all the time. Not all the time.

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  • Welcome to our group Staff Sargent. I made to E-5, served with G company Rangers, (lrrp) Chu Lai. 69-70.

  • Hooah, Ft Cambell Love those Lrrp's man, maintained many a radio set for you guys before ya got em. Thanks for the Copy my guy.

  • Matter of fact I meant to tell ya My Brother was F-4 mechanic 68-69 @ some air strip or staging area he told me about in Chu-Lai area, got the absolute Ish bombed out of them, he came home with really bad inner ear damage had one of his drums or tubes removed because of it or somethin, I know he used to always complain of the constant ringin in his ears, and had PTSD really bad for like 3 years after he got home in 72. anyway just thinkin bout that time, things were really different then, dont know if we were worse off because we didnt realize the ish we were in as a nation, but things seemed more calm and people had more respect for others then. I grew up in Jamaica Queens NY, so it was a little cray anyway.

  • I grew up in the Prospect park area of Brooklyn back when the Genovese family had a soldier on every corner.

  • Yeah my wife is from Bedstuy, I love prospect park, my band used to play events in the mansion on the mezz grounds there. Summer concerts. Bk didnt play back in the day, and the MOB ran a tight ship, they let everybody eat. Nowadays ehhh.

  • at ease!

    j-o-h-n Saturday 08/12/2017 11:08 AM EST

  • Thank you super J, Love this Access my Bro.

  • Welcome home soldier! Individual behavior is in symbols and relative to the audience and to the situation. Prostate cancer requires the intersubjective opinion of experts to identify, treat, and if caught early enough cure. Survival is a matter of logistics. The proper care delivered at the proper time can increase life expectancy to standard norms.

    If you served in the sandbox you may have been irradiated. Medical waste was often thrown into the sands in the same manner that some dispose of waste products in our water. Iodine helps but it lessens the effectiveness of radiation therapies. In my opinion a radical prostectomy with the nerve sparing procedure, to preserve sexual function, is the best option for early treatment with intent to cure followed by radiation if necessary should you be eligible.

    Almost everyone will recommend that you take some form of ADT prior and during treatment. Do it without fear. The discomfort it may cause is temporary and reversable following the method of treatment you choose. Good Luck and Hooah.

  • Bad ass uniform!!So much I agree with you on. Like the saying went "He that can conquer himself can conquer the world" Our mind is our most powerful organ. Like those Swami's that can slow down & even stop their own hearts. Placebo is real.. But most important is our spirit and the will to live Thank you for your inspirational words.

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