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Thanks all


I have received quite a few replies following my posts about stopping treatment. I have since deleted the post while trying to delete the picture that accompanied it, that was a mistake.

Thank you all for the positive and warm replies to my post. I realize that stopping treatment is not something that most do however that is what I want to do and we shall see what happens. Being 81 I can say that my life has been an "E Ticket" (for those who remember the old Disneyland tickets, E was the best) I have no complaints and if PCA does me in then all I ask is some good pain meds which my doctor has assured me he will take care of. My wife who is 23 years younger than me will go on and hopefully have a good life. She has and is a wonderful caregiver who only occasionally slips into a blue mood but is supportive of my decisions.

For IT Candy who wrote that I looked great for 81 I must admit the pic is about five years old or so but in fact I do look okay and I think that can fool people sometime.

After only four days off of Casodex and no new Lupron shot I can feel my head clearing and some indications of my old self coming back. If I can have an "old self" for a few months I'm a happy camper.

Once again, this is a special place and I thank you all. Stay tuned.....:))


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There’s a lot of alternative therapies you can play with that won’t affect you being your old self.

Best wishes.

Most of the guys here have had an RP...from your post it looks like you did not. If I had not had an RP, I would throw my Xtandi away, and start chasing the ladies. Once you have had an RP, you have already given up so much, it becomes hard to throw in the towel.


Wayne: I was diagnosed over 15 years ago and have refused treatment from the get go, Upset a lot of doctors. The only concession I've made to PCa is a diet change. I'm 65 now and happy (more or less) to be on Medicare.


Whimpy-p in reply to jmurgia

Amazing ! That’s what we like to hear.

Good luck to you! My goal is 81. I turned 58 today. Each of us should respect our treatment choices. I wish you and your spouse all the best.

jdm3 in reply to noirhole

Wishing you a happy birthday.... and many more!

I would give a Kidney and a lung to know that I would make it to 81-82--I am 74.

God Speed--You have Faith--I can tell.


gusgold in reply to Nalakrats

Throw in a leg and an arm and you got a deal


kiboko in reply to gusgold

As the bloke said " I'd give my right hand to be ambidextrous" !

adlerman in reply to Nalakrats

Please post a picture of the kidney and lung and I'll get back to you.


Peace and love for both of you 💕


I respect any decision you choose to make. We're here if you want help/support.

To a point I can see your line of thought that was so beautifully expressed. May the next year or so be good for you.

81/58 Hmmmm, now that's the blood pressure all of us would die for.

Good Luck and Good Health.

J-o-h-n Tuesday 04/10/2018 7:44 AM EDT

Thanks, please share with us your progress so we may know what to expect as we follow in your footsteps

Dear Wayne,

My father was diagnosed 7 years ago at 70. It was stage IV and over the past 7 years he went through every course of treatment through Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. My dad was a Marine and had more integrity and pride than any person I’ve ever known. He made the decision to stop treatment on his own terms and I saw the courage it took and even though in my heart I was falling to pieces, in my head I supported him. I think it’s very brave what you are doing as the future, with treatment or not, is all a big unknown. I hope you find the guidance from within, from your faith and from your loved ones that you need.

God bless you and your family (and I’m not a super religious person but have learned to have faith).


Thanks Susan. It must be something about us Marines (no such things as an ex-Marine :) Your dad sounds like the kind of Marine who would have been my buddy.

Thanks for the courage to cease treatment. I have thought about this too on and off but have not reached that stage yet. I am 71.

WayneA in reply to Cmdrdata

Hang in there Cmdr. To stop treatment or to continue is a very private decision based on how we feel. Do you feel better since you started treatment? Some think that continuing treatment even if it means a fogged mind and bowel/urine issues is worth it and once again who's to argue with them? This is a road with one person on it.

If not for my grandaughter and family i think id try it. Maybe on and off. Lupron changed me Xtandi was the icing on the cake. Total hell with fatique muscle and bone pain. Maybe because im so young it affected me more. 52 when starting this in 2011. Just went metastatic. Just cut the Xtandi dose in half and feel much better. Im still tired all the time and loopy as hell. We will see if it still keeps the psa in check in six weeks. My decision is not for me but for family. Ill go on.



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