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Is anyone else doing this for their cancer?

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Hello, this is my first posting on this website in February of 2017 at age 72, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctor said it was stage 4 and 9 on the Gleason scale. If that was not enough the cancer had also metastasized to my bones. This is not the kind of news anybody wants to hear but it was a reality and I had to face it. I asked the doctor how long did I have to live, he replied if I did nothing 6 months to a year. So after the initial shock and pity party, I went about doing something that I haven’t read much about on these board and that is the mental game. As I mentioned after the initial shock, I said to myself screw this, I’m going to use the mental game and kill this cancer. First thing I did I was to buy a cork board and a medical figure to attach to the cork board. Yes, I know this may sound a little crazy but I had a plan. Here was my plan, every time I had to go pee ( and I had to pee a lot at night) I would take a pin and stick it in the anatomical figure and say “Killing cancer, killing cancer that’s my answer that’s my answer”. This may sound weird and primitive to a lot of you, but the reality is it felt great and isn’t that the name of the game to feel good in your mind and body? I did have a Lupron shot to go along with the wishes of my family, but I did not do any chemo or radiation. I want my own body to heal itself, I believe you can do that with the metal game, good nutrition and exercise. I believe in “What the mind can believe the mind can achieve”. I also pray for God‘s help and guidance which is the greatest power on earth. I have to say that most western doctors have zero training in nutrition and their “bedside manner” sucks. I am also seeing a Chinese trained acupuncturist twice a week and doing far infra red saunas, plus vitamin C intravenously. I am fully confident that I’m going to live well into my mid-80s. So as you can probably tell from this post, I am not a big fan of meds and big Pharma. So my advice to everybody on this website is up your mental game, focus on the future, focus on your family, focus on the positive things in life. I really do believe that the mental game can make all the difference in the world in defeating cancer. Stay strong and BELIEVE - it will make all the difference in the world.

Just believe and remember that ur-unstoppable!!!

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I do not know where the Dr got those outdated survival statistics. Conventional medicine has been proven to extend survival. I know , I was dxed in 2006 as stage 4 with widespread bone mets, bpsa 148, gleason 10 at 49 years, so I know the feeling when the long white coats give you a year as they did with me, I am in my 13th year with this disease, I suggest you use conventional treatment, learn all you can, and fight.I have used mainly conventional medicine for my disease. Mindfulness in addition to conventional therapy is a very good idea, as is whatever way you can maintain a positive attitude. It sounds like you have a Family that needs you around for awhile.


I wish you well on your approach. I have chos n differently. How are your numbers these days?

I have used conventional medicine since my diagnosis in 2004. However, the mental game has played an important role ever since my doc told me that those with a positive outlook have better outcomes. I have long imagined my tumours as being an army -- in retreat. The cells that are dying report back to the general, delivering messages of gloom and despair. He himself becomes depressed and little able to function.

Is that mad? Maybe, but the mental picture that I am keeping this army in check does much to help me.

I greatly think mental attitude helps but please also follow medical advice to the letter

I too have a mental support army and its Commander's name is

"General Zytiga"

Among the many interventions, the “mental/emotional” aspect is often not addressed other than coping and fighting the beast as a cognstive thrust.

One (among all the other interventions with traditional medical), I take a photograph of myself almost every week as affirmation that I look well, look, like myself, etc. Often the (many) doctors comment: “You don’t look 74 years old.” Giving me periods of motivation when I can’t believe that Cancer has ruined my life. (Seven years on Lupron, radical prostatectomy, micro-metastasis to the bones, lesions in a vertebrae, 4 on the liver, 1 on the adrenal gland, and pain coming from the shoulder blade bone. A lot of pain: monthly to Pain Management with prescription for a high dose of opioid medication. Focused goal articulated to each medical professional: (1) No pain. (2) To be happy.)


Check out my journey and photographs on Facebook: (“William Cooper” Savannah Georgia). “If you take care of yourself, if you look good, you can fool yourself.”


Not an easy road to travel down, but with even fleeting positive feelings, and narcotics to level out the pain ... there are periods of time at which I can smile.

Determination and perseverance are omnipotent!

to Urunstoppable: In my unhumble opinion I agree with your mind over matter approach. But I also believe you need meds. As far as that doctor who said you had 6 months, drop him and see a "good oncologist" asap whose specialty is Pca. BTW where are you located?

sidebar: I also have a cork board but mine has my ex-wife's full body picture glued to it. I bet you can guess where I stick it with many many pins. 😈

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 07/24/2018 11:18 AM EDT

Don't psych yourself out. The mental game and keeping your spirits up is important. Don't shut out the medical community who have the skills and the tools to help you. Many men on this site can testify about the excellent results they've enjoyed by taking advantage of all the latest resources available.

Mental attitude is very important, we can all agree on that. But it has its limits. I learned long ago that no amount of trying would make me an even half-decent athlete; I was always going to be a klutz. Didn't stop me from exercising or running a marathon. I just learned to be satisfied with being way back in the pack. So please keep your strong mental attitude but don't ignore the conventional route either. Don't leave anything on the table.

" I asked the doctor how long did I have to live, he replied if I did nothing 6 months to a year. "

Give the doctor a break, guys. Given Urunstoppable's condition, it was probably accurate. But how many do nothing at all? The stats say if you work at it, 10 years is a very good chance, and very likely you can do more. Urun is doing something. Positive living, eating well, and Lupron. That should give him a good start on those 10 years.

First, don't let any doctor tell you how long you have to live. The first doctor I had was a surgeon at Johns Hopkins. After surgery I was diagnosed as stage 4 with a Gleason score of 9 and PSA of 39. He told me I had 5 to 10 years to live, that was 25 years ago.

I must say your mind/body approach is different. I chose yoga and guided imaging. I play some Yoga music by Sri LaxmqNarayan entitled "Om". I imagine the sound attacking my cancer. That and over the years radiation and prescribed drugs. I also do my own research and have taken some natural supplements.

Zoledex kept my stage 4 cancer in the .o6 to .08 range for 12 years before becoming refactory.

Yeah, they gave me more time. 12-18 mo. Fighting hard , planning on 10 years. Now Dr says in remission. How long now....7-10 years. Who knows. may flair back in a month, may be years.

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