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Beta Glucan: Which One to Take?

Many of you have responded to my suggesting Beta Glucan, a natural immunomodulator, be considered as a supplement in your anticancer regimen. You are aware of the numerous cancer clinical trials using beta glucan as an adjuvant therapy with leading chemotherapy drugs.

Because these are OTC supplements, the question soon arises which one to purchase? You can buy very expensive imported mushroom sources from Asia (shiitake, maitake, etc) containing lentinan. Here in the U.S. we have beta glucan derived from baker's yeast. For example, Transfer Point has received attention for its supposedly highly purified and potent #300. But who do you believe when its comes to marketing claims? Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka studied the different glucans on the market to determine under rigorous comparative testing which glucans actually delivered on their promises. Here is the link to his research report:

For those who want to read his text containing an excellent chapter on "Glucans and Cancer",


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I took a cheap beta glucan for some years, but a PCa-Coriolus versicolor study [1] had me looking for a trustworthy turkeytail product. I ended up buying from Oriveda [2] in the Netherlands:

"Oriveda PSP-50 (Coriolus versicolor extract, aka Turkey Tail) is the most potent extract of its kind on the market. It is also the only fully certified Turkey Tail extract (ISO 9001:2008; cGMP, HACCP) worldwide with guaranteed levels of bio-active ingredients. This ensures therapeutic potential plus ease and safety of use.

"The main bioactive ingredients are polysaccharides (both (1>3)(1>6) beta-D-glucans and (1>4)(1>6) beta-D-glucans), but in particular those linked to a peptide; PolySaccharoPeptides. PSP-50 is identical to the original PSP product that was developed and ratified in China, early 90s. It is similar to the Japanese Krestin (PSK) but more potent, according to research. PSP-50 is derived from the COV-1 mycelia strain, just like the original Chinese PSP (Yun Zhi).

"Its main field of action is supporting medical treatments by neutralising side effects of strong immune-affecting medication (such as chemo and radiation), thus improving the quality of life of the patient. But it is also used as a premium immune balancer, and it supports a proper liver function and the cardio-vascular system.

"The bioavailability of this extract is perfect. Non-extracted mushroom products (powder) can't be digested by our stomach, so the therapeutic effect is minimal. The extraction processes used for the Oriveda PSP-50 extract are identical to the original Chinese product; a combination of hot water and ethanol extraction. This is the real thing!

"Research uses extracts similar to the Oriveda PSP extract -- therefore you can expect similar results as what you've read about. No side effects or contra indications. Capsules are suitable for vegetarians. Each capsule contains 350 mg extract powder without any fillers.."




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"Its main field of action is supporting medical treatments by neutralising side effects of strong immune-affecting medication (such as chemo and radiation), thus improving the quality of life of the patient. "

Patrick, then this will not interfere with the toxic effect of killing cells that chemo can do?




I have not come across anything that suggests that it could protect PCa cells.

(Perhaps not the answer you need?)



Patrick, I will also research this topic, for I did not know that stem cells that have cancer, could also be attached by the extract of Turkey Tail.



I read several articles by Dr. Vetvicka and decided that the Transfer Point #300 was the best. AFAIK he has no financial interest in any of the companies whose products he studied. Even if he did, the papers described sound sources and methods, and demonstrated statistically significant differences in several measures of Beta Glucan benefits.

I also take Coriolus versicolor extract, aka Turkey Tail because of the studies showing its effects on prostate cancer stem cells and in prevention or slowing of metastases. I selected Mushroom Science brand because their formulation is identical to the Japanese anticancer drug Krestin. At one point Krestin sales accounted for a significant fraction of all cancer drug revenues in Japan. It is prescribed for most cancer patients there. There are many papers (mostly but not all in Japanese) that have documented both the benefits and the mechanisms for how Krestin works.

Short answer is that it works in several different ways, some better understood than others. Japanese cancer patients who take it tend to live longer than those who don't.

The Japanese anti-cancer dose is 3 grams per day. I take 3 x 500 mg capsules morning and evening. Mushroom Science recently changed the capsules from 600 mg to 500 mg to make it simpler to stick to the Japanese dose.

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Do you break open the pills into a powder form?


I do not open the capsules. I take 3 capsules of Beta Glucan #300 from Transfer Point once daily. Some people believe you should take one capsule for each 50 lbs. of body weight. I also take 2 capsules of Nature's Answer resveratrol. Dr. Vetvicka advocates resveratrol and vitamin C when taking Beta Glucan. His studies have found a synergistic chemical process occurs. See him interviewed at Nature's Answer incorporate vitamin C and a polyphenol blend with resveratrol.

See the third edition of his book for more information. In his chapter of patient testimonials there is an interesting report from a breast cancer patient on her use of Beta Glucan after her long battle with metatstatic breast cancer was being lost.


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