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In recent post I read about how much antioxidant starts to help the cancer instead of blocking it. You can read up on the following: You need to create ROS to kill cancer. We are unfortunately between a rock and a hard place. We need the antioxidant supplements to prevent proliferation of our cancer, and at the same time get oxygen Iand free radicals into the cancer cells. I drink both, but not together. Drink the supplement to create ROS deep in the night - midnight. I used Artemether in the form of the Coartem to clear up the black spot on my pelvis. And during day time drink your capsaicin and lycopene together after a snack or a meal. What I wrote here does not come from grandma's cookbook, it comes from research done at various universities.

I started out with a PSA of 901, Gleeson Score 8, Stage 4.

I received Lucrin injections. Today my PSA is 0.21. Tree bone scans showed the black spot on the pelvis is gone. I write it here again: artemether cures cancer. Also read up on the combination of capsaicin and lycopene. It works. I thank God for every day.

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Thanks, that is great info. are you still taking Lucrin injections and how long did you take / or are you still taking Coartem / and how much?

Thanks George

Thinus in reply to George71

I stopped all treatment and supplements April last year. It was a mistake. My PSA was 0.23 in March 2017. And the bone scans clearly shows the cancer cleared up in the pelvis.

By July 2017 my PSA suddenly got active again and in one month climb to 7.9. The oncologist decided to do a MRI, the first one since I was diagnosed with pc. It showed the cancer had cleared up in the rest of my body and there was only cancer in the illiac area and prostate. I got 30 external beam radiations. I decided to stop all Artemether and continue with capsaicin and lycopene, also Vit d3, milk thistle and dandelion. And I stopped eating eggs( yolk is high in choline), no milk, seldom red meat. Eat a lot of sweet potato etc.

Wednesday I will hopefully receive my last Lucrin. In july we will do a MRI again and the planning is to continue only on casodex from july on. Plus the right food and supplements. Kind Regards, Thinus.

Regarding your artemether. I had weekly IV infusions of artesunate for three months. Following the artesunate infusions I had 50,000 mg ihe therapeutic rangenfusions of vitamin C over a time of 50 to 55 minutes. My PSA didn't drop.

At this time I have been almost totally vegan for about 4 months. I finished off some high quality fish oil capsules and take just a touch of honey with a teaspoon of black seed oil.

Started running on surface for the shock through the skeletal system. Form follows function. Running on a surface, not a treadmill, causes the body to deposit minerals in the skeletal system. The marrow also produces the blood cells and immune cells. I will see if that is helpful.

At this time I am getting 50,000 mg of IV C over the course of 50 to 55 minutes followed by a second 50,000 over 2 hours. This keeps my the C level in my blood elevated in what is considered to be the therapeutic range. A link to Web Md. on IV C that may interest you is below.

Intravenous Vitamin C May Boost Chemo's Cancer-Fighting ...

I supplement with mushrooms and curcumin --as well as too many other things to


I also do LIVE O2 sessions, a type of hyperbaric training.

Glad you got that PSA down. Good job, best wishes!


Thinus in reply to Currumpaw

That was very interesting. Artesunate IV was supposed to clear up some of your mets. Sorry it didn't have the effect you wanted.

I recently drink a lot of origanum. I powdered it, make a cup of tea with one teaspoon of origanum powder, let it steep for a while. The sludge I throw over my daily potato/sardine lunch. I try to drink three cups a day. Of what I read about carvacol, it can even cross the blood brain barrier.

Like you I throw quite a bit of stuff down my throat. The most important to me is the 1500 mg of cayenne pepper in the morning with tomato juice. Plus nearly a teaspoon of turmeric with black.pepper and a little bit of olive oil. And in the evening again. Good luck my friend, pray for you. Thinus

Thinus in reply to Thinus

Just want to correct: my daily sweet potato. The one with the purple skin. I eat it skin and all.

Currumpaw in reply to Thinus

As far as is known, I don't have any mets. Another thing I have been taking is 6 baby aspirin daily, 2 three times spaced out.

Turmeric is only about 3% curcumin. I take two of LE's curcumin supps with black pepper and bromelain 3X a day to enhance bioavailability.

Thinus in reply to Currumpaw

Glad for you. Here in SA Solal is marketing a combination of Quercitin and bromelain. The bromelain makes the Quercitin more bioavailable. I have used it on and off.

Currumpaw in reply to Thinus

I have been taking both quercetin and bromelain for years. My oncologist said not to change what I am doing. I did go completely vegan --except for a touch of honey about 250 mg, to go with black seed oil. The switch to vegan was about 4 months ago.

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