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Peeing to frequent nighttime after chemo last week

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After the first chemo, some 3 days after i feel suddenly that i have to pee during the night all the time so no normal sleep possible

Does anyone had this also? Docetaxel and pred i am taking


6 Replies
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Yes, typical for me. I am now on 2nd round of Docetaxel, 4th infusion. I went through 6 cycles in July-October 2016, and found the overnight peeing increased frequency for the first three or 4 cycles. My MO says the tumor response is positive to the treatment when the frequency increases - see if you can get flomax as it helps your body maintain a better flow in each urination, and will cut down on your overnight trips to the bathroom.

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I have no experience and no real knowledge of chemotherapy, but I do know that it can temporarily damage your immune system. Docetaxel kills off rapidly dividing cells - which includes the bone marrow cells that produce what become immune cells.

You might check with the medical oncologist's office to see if a urinalysis or some other test might be worth doing to check for a urinary tract infection. A UTI can make you want to urinate constantly.

Good luck.


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Chemo certainly made that worse for me. I figured out later prednisone also had a role in my having to pee frequently. Prednisone also made made my incontinence much worse.

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Typically no bearing. Your frequently urination is because you are unable to empty the bladder caused by many factors.

Two suggestions. Take Flomax twice a day ( I have done so for 15 years) cut way back on coffee, tea, and soda water. Take sitz baths several times a day and pee away in the hot water; add a session before you go to bed. It will relax the smooth muscles and allow you to empty your bladder. This was the best advice that I received from a research urological nurse.

Gourd Dancer

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hi rkengen, I urinated at night for periods of two months or so. I also take Flomax twice a day and I was told to not just pee and run, I was told to wait several minutes and about 2 more ounces or urine may come out. This gave me more time to sleep at night. Also, I wear incontinent pads I order from Amazon by the case. I use Depends Fit/flex underwear And Depends Guards (put inside my own underwear) at night.

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Thanks for your reply.

I already take one time released flomax a day, it sais you take one only. Do you also take the time released?

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