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Bleeding urine is that normal after ADT?


Hey guys just want to ask if its normal to pee blood after ADT? Dad was feeling giddy yesterday and he started peeing blood. Has anyone experience the same thing? Its been a month after his Hormone therapy. And the amount of blood was alot.

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Mine has been receiving ADT for a little over two years and has had no blood in his urine. However, he did have blood in his urine several years ago that turned out to be a kidney stone which showed up on his routine CT scan. He never had any pain and was unable to pass the stone. So he had an outpatient procedure to disintegrate it.

If there was a lot of blood I would definitely go in to see the doctor. My husband's blood in the urine was a dark brown color.

iLoveDad in reply to mjbach

hey guys, we went to see doctor but he was tested for urine and bladder, everything seems normal. We are not sure what's going on. Doctor suggested that might be clots?

I never experienced any bleeding from hormone therapy. I did experience it from a biopsy, from radiation treatment, and from a kidney stone. However in each case the effect occurred immediately after the cause, not a month later.

I agree with mjbach that your Dad should report this to his doctor and have a urinalysis.

Incidentally, a few drops of blood in urine can make a noticeable change in color.


I have been on ADT for three uninterrupted years and have never had blood in my urine. I don't enough know what a doctor is but I would see one regarding blood in my urine.

More likely, it is from the cancer than from hormone therapy. It often looks like a lot more blood than it is because the urine turns bright red from just a bit of blood. If it persists, he may need a cystoscopy and cautery.

iLoveDad in reply to Tall_Allen

the blood was dark and black though.

Sounds like clotted blood.

iLoveDad in reply to Tall_Allen

yeah similar to what the doctor said. Anyway continued from transferring him. The head of urology told us he couldn't transfer my dad to National Cancer Center. This is because there will not be subsidies if he is transferred on his own request. That will be super expensive for us to be in A wards. Secondly, if transferring on our own, we won't be able to choose the doctors, most of them are interns or new. So yeah now what the doctor suggest is, for us to monitor him closely, and wait till June for his report to see if PSA has gone down. They have checked over and over again, it seems like indeed he has no primary now, prostate spread to bone but can't find primary. There is a group of doctors discussing his rare case. I guess that's all we can do now, the doctor also suggested us not to change his food diet plans right away, as it might be dangerous too. But I told dad not to eat red meat and dairy. That's about it.Hope all goes well.

I just spoken to Dad via skype, he mentioned it is indeed bright red but with blood clots that are dark and black.

Sounds like what I experienced. One day clear, another day dark brown, then nothing, then red. Was PC which migrated to the bladder. Also had some clots. Got a CT scan then a cystoscopy and then 18 rounds of radiation which I just finished. PSA did not rise much as an indicator. Keep an eye on it.

iLoveDad in reply to noirhole

yeap doctor also mentioned his PSA seems to be going down but not dramatic. Dad told me he once had the same blood urine years ago that's when he found out he has prostate issues. But at that time they couldn't detect prostate cancer. He is given augmentin antibiotics, it seems to be working.

No connection between ADT and blood in the urine. Not related. Sometime else is going on. See your specialist ASAP.

Gourd Dancer

we did see the doctor right away, but it seems like what the urologist says is the bleeding is from leftover clots, did urinalysis test everything seems fine which puzzles us. Hes given antibiotics, blood has reduced.

I had blood in my urine when I was dealing with a supra-pubic catheter as a result of HIFU surgery. It was scary to deal with but the problem went away after the catheter was finally removed. I guess the only suggestion I have is to cut down on anything that would act as a blood thinner -- aspirin, NSAIDS, vit E. Tylenol is a pain reliever that doesn't have that effect.

I had blood in the urine and it was from passing a kidney stone, not ADT. I saw my urologist the next day.

iLoveDad in reply to JimVanHorn

I was wondering if its kidney stone too after seeing so many comments from here. Asked the urologist but he said it isnt for my dad's case.

Really odd. Bleeding can result from radiation or surgery but bleeding from ADT is not listed as a side effect. Something else must be causing it and a urologist should be able to find the cause.


Has he had radiation?

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