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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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New here

Diagnosed 9/17 , PSA 147 Gleason 8, bone mets both legs, ribs left shoulder. Treatments: Firmagon then Lupron, Bicalutamide 50 MG daily, Xgeva for bone health. Also, had spot radiation both legs, shoulder, helped with pain. Thinking I need to push harder for Zitiga instead of Bicalutamide. Last PSA 0.1

A complication was 24 months ago I was diagnosed with a tumor on the inside of my spinal cord, after extensive testing the doctors believed that the tumor was sarcoidosis, a granuloma. Was treated with high level of steroids which contained the problem albeit didn't make everything go away. At the height of my problem I was unable to walk but with the steroid use was able to regain significant functionality. I still have some issues with loss of feeling in my hands and feet. Some doctors have ruled out the possibility that this was PC, my oncologist does not rule it out entirely.

Anyone else have possible PC inside spinal cord?

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We have men here that have--they will probably respond to you. I am not one of them. At 0.1 PSA---you are considered Undetectable by Many Oncologists--I was on the Lupron Casodex Plan for nearly 2 years---why go to the 2nd line treatment[Zytiga]--If you are holding at 0.1.

I would save the Zytiga--until it is proof positive that the Casodex has failed. Some men do very well--on Lupron/Casodex for a long time--Guess it depends on the Pathology and the aggressiveness of the Pca. I have a local friend went 3 years on the combo--then hit a vacation--and has been good for 7 years--holding at 0.3 for years--using supplements.



Hi! Do you know what supplements he uses? 😄


Some---not all. Turmeric, Pomegranate, 5-Loxin, Resveratrol--is all I remember.

Sorry--best my foggy brain can remember.



Thank you!


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