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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Awesome site with great advice and great people. The medical feedback is great but I love the inspirational stuff even more.

Here's my current story which may help others... Age 58

2015 - High PSA

2016 Summer - MRI showed possible cancer, biopsy confirmed, Gleason 3+4 on 10 of 12 samples, PSA 70. Bone scan showed 5 spots, organs clean

2016 Fall - Started Lupron (quarterly) and Xgeva (monthly)

2016 Winter - Chemo-six rounds. PSA 0, bone scan/cat scan clean, reduced Xgeva from monthly to quarterly

2017 Spring - PSA rising, at 2

2017 Summer - PSA at 5, Provenge immunotherapy-3 treatments, scans clean

2018 Winter - PSA at 7, awaiting scan results

Next steps: May start Metfromin and Zytega soon. Possible Abiraterone+Olaparib trial participation if my bone biopsy is a match

Changed my diet. Eliminated eggs, most dairy. Organic whenever possible. Can't do the vegan thing so just eating smarter.

Lots of exercise. Strength and aerobic.

Thanks again for all the inspiration and treatment suggestions! Good luck!

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Welcome ewhite998!

Thanks for the nice comments ... really is a great community.

I just started Zytiga a few weeks ago. In a week my PSA went down from 1.8 to 0.9. I hope you have similarly good results. And I have not had any significant side effects, which is nice.

Keep us all posted - and best of luck with your journey! We are all pulling for you!



James, mine went from 29 to 1 in eight weeks. The stuff works. Now that it's slowly failing, X is up next. Just a matter of when. I'm at 5.6, up from 1, over 20 months, or so. not too bad.

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I have had Zytiga 15 months. Went from 5.8 to 4.8. Then 0.03 or 0.04 until last month (month 15) up to 0.05. onco happy. Next PSA in 4 days....have chest infection for 7 weeks so let's see what results I get!

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It seems like you are keeping on top if it and you got your next steps planned. Let’s all hope that your scans show no increase,

It sounds like you are keeping your spirits up. Believe it or not, that helps the rest of us. After all we are all in this together. Like the song goes, “People like us we have to stick together!”


I agree with you and Dr WHO that the support and inspiration on this site is amazing. Although our cancers and response to various treatments are all unique and individual, we are all fighting basically the same battle. The information here is very good, as well as dispelling some of the myths and bogus “cures” that proliferate on the web like...well...cancer. It sounds like you are keeping on top of things. Stay positive! Best wishes to you.


Vegan, yuck! Looks like your on the right path, my friend.


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No vegan!! Have to like to live... but have watched diet for years which puts me in a good place to fight this "one thing" that is trying to put me down. PSA dropped 25% again with last treatment and addition of Xtandi, so continuing chemo...#7 done today so won't feel like shxt until about Sunday/Monday next week..Good luck with yours and keep us posted-we are all in this together.


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