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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Radiation isn't 100% effective

I had radiation and lupron in 2011. My psa dropped to .13. Over the following years the PSA was erratic but climbing to 4.2. My urologist suggested a 2D-MRI(twice as strong as a normal MRI) of the prostate. It found cancer in the prostate. I underwent cryotherapy. My psa dropped to .02. Moral of the story is radiation doesn't always get all the cancer

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So sorry that it came back. I am afraid you are correct, it is hard to put your faith in just one treatment. What is worse is that when it comes back, do to continued mutations, the cancer tends to be harder to treat and more aggressive. I believe in hitting cancer with everything you can as soon as you can. For me that meant treating my advanced cancer with surgery, 38 rounds of radiation to the pelvic bed and the use of Lupron and Zytiga.

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Sounds like you've got a handle on it this time. Hope it stays that way.. Agree with Dr-Who, hit it hard when you can.... Lupron/taxotere/Xtani for now... Hope I can get mine beaten down as far as you have... Darned old fast growing, aggressive, invasive, incurable, Gleason 9/10 stuff I've got has to be blasted hard from the start... Not a candidate for radiation as mine is like a spider web... all neural and vascular bundles out of prostate area tested hot.. only three bone mets and a couple of lymph node show on scans. Webs are to small to show but pathology reports were dismal after RRP.



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