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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Need help with Space Oar Gel option

Diagnosed at 75 with prostate adenocarcinoma involving 60% of overall specimen in left anterior horn with perineural invasion. Biopsy of left lobe prostatic adenocarcinoma involving 25%of overall specimen with perineural invasion. Concerned about quality of life I am choosing proton beam therapy at Mayo (clinical trial of 25 treatments with concurrent lymph node treatment. Radiologist says that using space Oar gel may miss cancer cells. However some patients in same trial (perhaps with less serious disease) are getting that option. Should I push for that? Or should I just forge ahead with the proton beam and take the possible side effect chances.. PSA 9.98, Gleason 7 3+4, Pirads 5

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That is the first I heard about the spacer shielding cancer

from the beam and leaving cancer cells behind. Did you see Doctor Chu at the MN clinic?


Yup- I'm Dr. C. Richard Choo's patient. The shield is called a Space OAR. Friend of mine got one 12-14, and he's in the same clinical study that I am, but I'm not scheduled for the target implants until 2-28. So the question of Space OAR is still on the table. There may be valid reasons not to get one, but I need to understand what they are.


Do you know if he is going to use Pencil Beam Scanning for your prostate or is he going to use the double scattering method (older method).


Good Morning Boomer75,

Read my bio for my treatment history. Had proton beam earlier this year (44 to prostate, 30 to lymph nodes) and had SpaceOar plus rectal balloon. No side effects other than temporary red skin.

Have never heard of SpaceOar "shielding" cancer, since proton beams go through everything before releasing their energy on the target. It is called the Bragg Peak.

Best wishes. Never Give In.

Mark, Atlanta


As I understand it, from research I did last year, is that this 'Space OAR' shields the rectum tissue from the perils of radiation treatments. It provides some separation between the prostate and the adjacent wall of the colon or rectum. That certainly sounded like a good thing to me. Go ahead and google it and see if you don't get that same message. Good luck.


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