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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Pls guide about treatment options for prostate cancer


Hello everyone,I am from Pakistan.My father aged 76 had urine obstruction problems.We went to a Urologist on 27th June who did ultrasound ,DRE and recommended tests and biopsy.Clinically he diagnosed Advanced Prostate Cancer. PSA 65 , Gleason score 9/10 , Adenocarcinoma, Tumor involves all five cores ,60% tissue in right lobe , 02 cores 10% tissue in left lobe ;in right lobe perineural invasion is seen,no perineural invasion in left lobe,No bone metastases; Blood Sugar level normal .BUN to Creatinine ratio ( 29 ........ 1.9) on 28 June but it has surged further (35...... 2.5) yesterday. Since 27th June he has been taking 06 Androcur tablets per day along with Maxflow. Oncologist said that it seems to be localized prostate cancer but that will be confirmed by Pelvis MRI due to be tomorrow. Shortness of breath and weakness occurred since the start of medication. No urine obstruction symptom now. Pls guide me about future plan of treatment for us

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if the cancer is only in the prostate and the pelvic lymph nodes it still can be cured. The most curitive option is pelvic external beam radiation with a brachytherapy boost to the prostate.

Thanks Allen. His renal parameters are alarming. I heard that post radiation TURP is risky . If we have to go for TURP after EBR and brachytherapy, how risky would that be?

TURPs are very risky after radiation. He can't have brachytherapy after a TURP either. If he needs a TURP, he probably should have surgery instead.

Hello Sajid Nadeem,

Poly-MVA is a great product for many people who have this terrible sickness.

But it helps for many other issues also.

Years ago, i ordered Poly-MVA, read a book from the developer also and chat with them also.

What i have seen is that most people don't to try this Poly-MVA because the are affraid of it and listen only to the docters they have and most of them don't like Poly-MVA, i have my own idea about it why they don't support it.

Check youtube for many video's from customers and also Discovery channel sended a program about it also.

Sorry for my English!

Best regards,

To: Sajid Nadeem, Are you in the field of medicine by any chance?

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 08/01/2018 9:49 PM EDT

Thanks Eury and John , got Pelvis MRI report yesterday

" ill-defined heterogeneous signal intensity mass lesion that is extending into perirectal fascia with involvement of seminal vesicle and infiltration into the base of the bladder on right side suggestive of extracapsular extension.It is T4N0Mx"

Oncologist recommended Bilateral Orchiectomy followed by Radiation therapy. I was wondering if we could avoid Orchiectomy and continue with harmone therapy and Radiation.

@ John

I am not in the field of medicine but my brother is;Discuss father's reports with him and take online help as well

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