Nausea and feeling sick

Anyone have any advice for dealing with extreme nausea ?

my problems started after chemo cycle 18, I had what I thought was just the flu but now the nausea will not go away even after recovering from some flu/cold thing I had, I just cant get over the nausea , I am currently taking Zofran and I am also using a patch behind my ear called Scopolamine, these meds are not as effective as I wish they were.

anyone have any further tips for me.

thank you


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  • That is a very tough situation to be in. I'm going to assume that you don't have access to medical marijuana which could help. I hope you find relief soon. Are you experiencing any dizziness or vertigo? Stay hydrated. Keep your doctor(s) informed if this persists.

  • Jack. Call your oncologist and tell them that you are suffering. They will prescribe stronger anti Nausea meds. I think Fentanyl is a strong anti Nausea.

  • No. Fentanyl is not an anti-nausea drug. It will kill you.

    With due respect to Lombardi24. They, yes "they", cut cheap heroine with it and kill people. I'm sick of it.


  • Mr Jack: During radiation treatment in 2012 I experienced nausea which I found I could control by eating ginger in the form of crystalised ginger and drinking brewed ginger beer. I hope this helps.


  • Good Thanksgiving Morning MrJack,

    I have just completed 3 chemo cycles with Docetaxel and Carboplatin and no nausea.

    The first infusion I have is Aloxi, which prevents nausea from chemo for up to 5 days. If you are not getting this, ask your Med Onc for it.

    What chemo are you having and why so many cycles? Any other side effects?

    Best wishes. Never Give In.

  • MrJack, Zofran never really worked for me. I ended up buying pickled ginger, you can get this at any supermarket that sells sushi or sashimi, California rolls. This works for me.

  • Hi Jack.

    We put ginger into every cup of tea my husband is having - which is mostly fennel - and into every meal. Just fresh ginger, though. But without the anti-sickness medication my husband is taking I don't know how we would cope. Ask for anti-sickness medication and let them give you a strong one.


  • thanks for the tips guys, I also have just started to use some relaxation techniques, like deep breathing exercises and meditation seem to help a little.

  • As WSOPeddie, marijuana has been shown to be quite effective in quelling nausea. You might want to give it a try if you can get it.

  • Marijuana without a doubt--if you can get being in a State that it is legal. Do not have to smoke it. Eat it in Brownies, Chocolate confectionery, cookies, etc. Will also zap your appetite into go.


  • Nal,

    I agree, but flat ginger ale soda, or a ginger tea would probably do the trick. Easy and cheap. At least a try.

  • Medical marijuana is proven to help nausea,and Help appetite.

  • Ginger is good also.

  • I think it's desirable to take the weaker treatments (ginger, marijuana) if they work, but if they aren't working, a drug I was once prescribed for nausea (not chemo related - probably food poisoning) is "Ondansetron". I was really nauseous and throwing up ever 15 minutes or so when I took one of the tablets. It calmed everything right down in minutes and I didn't need any more. The packaging said it was intended for chemotherapy related nausea.


  • yes I use that one also called Zofran, my doc did adjust my meds and I am now starting to feel better.

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