Zytiga-Radiation- Nausea

We're new here - hubby too sick to post - no interest in anything due to degree of nausea & pain. Husband is miserable since Zytiga - more pain and extreme nausea - already very thin w/no appetite, now losing more weight as can't eat - He also takes cannabis oil, 1 milliliter per day and thinking of increasing - He takes 4 pills per day on empty stomach - I think we'll try taking with food - Anyone using fresh cannabis leaves in smoothies? Anyone sick from radiation? Thanks for your help.

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  • Welcome to the group! So sorry about the pain and nausea. I have had 38 rounds of radiation and I am on both Lupron and Zytiga. Towards the end of radiation I had fatigue and diarrhea. From Lupron and Zytiga I got even more fatigue, major joint pain, hot flashes, etc. Never had that much nausea. When does your husband take prednisone? While the normal dosage of prednisone is 5 mg twice a day my medical oncologist put me on only 5 mg once a day. This was to minimize the side effects of prednisone.

    Have you discussed this with your doctors? They have medicine that could help with the nausea. Again, so sorry. It is bad enough to be fighting cancer. Adding nausea to the mix just makes to worce.

  • Sorry to hear about nausea. When I had some surgery I had nausea and the doctor gave me Zofran. It worked for me. I wish the best for you.

  • Thanks so much for the info. I started giving him Zofran yesterday and it helped reduce the nausea - Hadn't used it before due to possible interaction with other meds he's on.

    So hard to figure out what to do to help him.

  • Thanks so much for the reply - Life here is very complicated and complex - Hubby recently given olanzapine (Zyprexa 5 mg) - He is doing really well with that med - actually had hunger pangs this a.m. If he can increase food intake he will have a better chance to fight this intruder - He does take cannabis oil and it does help with the pain - No way to know if it's helping with the cancer because he's on many different meds - Zofran seemed to help for a bit but then didn't work very well so the switch to olanzapine.

  • Hope the two of you can have a wonderful dinner together!🥗🍕🍔

  • I had nausea from radiation and then chemo, docetaxol. Had Zofran and numerous other meds with no relief. Finally found taking pickled ginger, would settle my stomach. You can get pickled ginger at any grocery store that sells sushi or sashimi, or a Japanese Restaurant

  • Wow! Thanks for the tip - Never heard of pickled ginger but will sure give it a try - We're very rural - perhaps I can get it online. Thank you for your input and help

  • Does not need to be pickled though - ginger well known to counteract nausea.

    When my wife was on chemo, she used ginger juice. You can make your own from fresh ginger, but this product is very good:


    Add some to a glass of water.

    Here is an excellent crystallized ginger:


    Useful when even water is a challenge.


  • May as well add Ginger Ale soda. We used it growing up, stirred it to be flat. I think it's Schweppes who is using real ginger again.


  • Thanks Joe, I hadn't thought of that and you are right Schweppes is the good one!

  • Schweppes is the best. If you don't have nausea, I drink Schweppes seltzer, no surgar.


  • After surgery water was a challenge. I like the idea of giinger bits at the penzeys store. I think I will pick some up, if ever needed.


  • Hi Patrick - Thank you so much for the great tips - I just followed your links and placed orders - I'm sure this will help a great deal. Thanks and Blessings to you and your wife.

  • I've had 39 sessions of radiation with absolutely no immediate side effects whatsoever.

    However it's the long term effects that got me.

    Keep the faith and see his oncologist and radiologist ASAP.

    Good Luck and Good Health.

    j-o-h-n Wednesday 09/13/2017 4:58 AM EST

  • Thanks John - Hubby has 10 sessions Radiation and seemed to get very ill right after #10 and also had injection for strengthening bones same day . We may have found some help in Zofran - He's Too nauseated to eat - losing more weight- trying to figure out if meds are doing this or if this is an after radiation illness - Docs don't have answers either -

  • Please do not allow him to add food to the Zytiga. Having any food in his stomach will allow even more of the drug to be absorbed into his body, possibly creating an over dose. Zytiga, at the FDA approved and prescribed dosages, must be taken on an empty stomach.

    Candied ginger, which is often available in a larger supermarket, will also help with his stomach.

    Joel Nowak


  • Thanks Joe! Advice well taken and followed - My super smart daughter (med. prof.) told me about this- thankfully the Zofran has helped - not perfect but helping - grateful for all input.

  • I also had nausea, now talking to my oncologist, I take 3 pills zytiga instead of 4 and I'm fine. in addition to cortisone

  • I also had nausea, now talking to my oncologist, I take 3 pills zytiga instead of 4 and I'm fine. in addition to cortisone

  • Try Ginger Ale, with real ginger. Reasonably cheap, unless you live in Philly, (they added a fat tax at 2 1/2 cents an ounce, yes an ounce) and it works.


  • I've heard good things about marijuana as a drug to relax the nausea and stimulate the appetite. If you live in a state where that's legal, it's something that might be worth trying in addition to ginger and any prescription meds.


  • Thanks for the info. The MJ didn't help with the level of nausea he had - I say had because he was able to go back to Zofran last night which has made a big difference - Hopefully he can stay on the Zytiga and perhaps it was the radiation that caused him to be so horridly sick. Time will tell.

  • Radiation is a two edged sword....It's side effects for me came on towards the ending. Yah , I had all of those same symptoms.I went from 222 down to 165...I did canaby oil then until today 21/2 yrs later. Fresh is best if you have access to growers you can just eat leaves or put em in smoothies.I recommend high dosing on potent oil 60 grams in 90 days in hope to kill cancer..Hard word kill.But it's a hard desease ..I've done this routine 3 times. Now a maintenance dose of 1/10 of a gram per day..IVe recently started daily cbds and I feel that after 2 months of daily use a lessening of anxiety and muscle pain for me..Everyone is different and responds differently.Personally I believe any form of canaby that is organic has positive benifits for our health. Pharmaceuticals and chemicals destroy our immunity.wheat grass, spiralina and green superfoods are needed once he gets over that nausea..Boy I got spacey during RT because of nausea and I had constant uti's do to foley & tubes out of kidneys..At times I couldn't drink or eat ,yet I had to choke down antibiotics and 6 pills a day of Tak-700 an ADT test drug that I'm still taking. That's when I got bad by not eating and being dehydrated with mainly just the pharmaceuticals in me. After RT my main erkes are fatigue and hip pains that I believe are sped up guadrupled by our wonderous life extending treatments.But at what cost??I m sorry for his suffering and yours also . Because I know from my situation that the one that loves you suffers hand in hand with the Raveshes of this desease..Thank God that we have you.I would not be here on earth without my wife that married me on a39 months to live diagnosis..That was 30 months ago .No signs of PC for me in the last yr. Im more than happy to give thanks for my current condition.Now my prostate cancer specialist tells me I can maintain this for several years..As you know there is no cure for metastatic stage 4 APC.it is possible to better his quality of life.I pray for both of you to love each other and relief of pain.Stay strong yourself in order to help him you will need much mental and emotional strength . God bless!

  • WOW!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful, heartfelt, answers to my post. Hubby's (50 years) lost a ton of weight - due to no appetite from vaccines, and now cancer treatment - He was given vaccine (by VA) against my instructions & his (I'm his health etc., advocate) and though he might have had a slow growing prostate issue before vaccine, the vaccine made it grow exponentially! Research on vaccines, especially vaccines against viruses, show that some, perhaps all, contain a mouse virus which shows up in prostate cancer cells. The way for a human to get a mouse virus in his prostate cancer cells is to have gotten it in a vaccine which is developed using mice! According to research the mouse virus potentiates the rapid growth of PC. What a kick in the teeth - Prostate cancer from Agent Orange in Viet Nam and then highly potentiated by vaccine given by VA - PSA was 12 (yep I know that's high but not necessarily PC) - just before vaccine - two years later it was off the charts (can't remember 750-850) anyway higher than chart can read - So now, both our lives have been virtually destroyed by gov't chemicals (yes I'm the only caregiver) - so thank you so much for your input and your very kind words. We so much appreciate your caring and help.

  • What type of vaccine did he get? The only approved vaccine for prostate cancer is called Provenge and it is not made from mice. It is made from the prostate cancer patients own white blood cells ("T" cells).

    If neither of you wanted the vaccine (what ever it was) then why did you take it? You and your husband need to take 100% control of his medical decisions. I urge that you read the following at cancerABCs.org:




  • Vaccine was for Hep A & B - There was no rational reason to give it to a 70 year old man. There's research on the net re: mouse virus found in prostate cancer cells - if memory serves the same mouse virus was found in anti-virus vaccines.

    Hubby refused vaccines along with me - Next visit I couldn't go with him - Same FNP badgered and frightened Hubby to take vaccine - she told him he'd die if he didn't take it - Poor guy got sick before he left the bldg.

  • Hi, MerryMack, I'm also posting for my husband was very sick on Zytiga.

    Plus for him it didn't work for him, His PSA kept rising?? He was on both Zyriga and Xtandi, neither worked before his Chemo or after.?? Now they found a cancerous lymph node. Next Friday we go to a surgeon and schedule a biopsy. Didn't try cannabis yet bit I'd like to get ahold of the oil.??

  • Hi Ronnie, I just sent you a detailed reply and don't know where it went. If you don't receive it please let me know and I'll re-do it. I can tell you how to make the oil as I do it every month.

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