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Just wanted to mention that macha green tea powder works really well at increasing my energy level. Plus, it's supposed to be good for you. Just about every treatment for advanced prostate cancer includes fatigue as a side effect. Fatigue has certainly been a big issue for me. Coffee helps but I don't like to drink too much of it. Macha powder gives me energy for a longer stretch with none of the anxiety I sometimes get from coffee. It tastes lousy but I just down it like Rocky drinking 6 raw eggs before his workouts. One tea spoon with a glass of cold water. if you prefer, there's lots of ways to prepare it to make it more tolerable. Traditional brewed green tea is good for you too but the powder is concentrated and has the impact of multiple tea bags.

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  • Thanks, I will try it.

  • For what it’s worth.

    I just read not long ago that concentrated green tea is toxic to your liver. A few folks have died from it. Brewed green tea to drink is OK.

    Something to explore. I don’t know.

  • The LEF caps used to be equivalent to 6 cups. Taking more than 2 caps together messed with my liver enzymes.

    My wife drinks a macha-ginger concoction with breakfast. Swears by it.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the PCa survival benefit of green tea occurs with >12 cups.


  • And you need what, 6 cups of coffee to get the max benefit, right, Patrick? If you have urinary incontinence issues from surgeries, radiation or whatever, it's hard to get anywhere close to either figure. I'm enjoying Peet's French Roast again after your report on coffee. In the meantime, I got to enjoy white tea, the youngest leaves & buds from the same plant as green (& black & oolong), Camelia sinensis. It has more health benefits than green, but none of the bitter taste.

    Would you comment on the coffee supplements that you mentioned once to me? And on green tea supplements, if you think they're worth taking?

    Thank you very much for this, & for all you do.


  • Neal, from today's Guardian (UK):


  • Thanks Patrick. That's very timely. What about drinking some of it (I'm drinking 16 oz, which I assume is 2 cups), & taking a supplement? My urinary incontinence PT would be happiest if I didn't drink any, but she can live with 16 oz. So my questions are (1) what was the coffee supplement you mentioned once, if you think that's a reasonable way to consume part of the recommended amount of coffee, & (2) do you think a green tea extract supplement is worthwhile? Thank you.

  • Neal,

    See my prior post.

    The studies on EGCG from green tea are compelling, but I stopped using the LEF extract a few years ago. I felt that I was taking too many things.

    And there was the question of potential conflict with curcumin, which I am committed to.


  • Thanks very much, Patrick.

    I was unaware of the potential conflict with curcumin. I'm also committed to it. My wife & I even stayed at a European guy's alternative medicine practice while we were in Thailand years ago, where the turmeric grown on his wife's family's land was allegedly a super-powered cancer fighter. That didn't pan out, & I'm taking the same curcumin you are, but we had a LOT of fun with the young wife, & she gave an insider's view of going to one neighbor for part of your meals, & another for another part, etc., & another for massage.

    I've been spending lots of money on that LEF green tea supplement for over a decade, & I'm also taking quite a few supplements, so I'm glad to have a reason to stop that one.


  • Neal,

    I have no personal experience of coffee supplements, & the only one that comes to mind is from LEF.

    Bitterness is a common problem with coffee. There are two reasons: (a) using very hot water, &/or (b) grounds exposed to water too long. The Aeropress solves both problems. Allows me to make stronger coffee, & I need less milk/sweetener. Makes for a more potent drink.

    I make a shot at 170 degrees & top up with boiling water. Very satisfying.


  • Again, thank you, Patrick.

    I'm a strong black coffee guy. I was extremely happy with Peet's French Roast, drip grind, for decades. By the time of my RP, I got the impression that I should be drinking green tea instead. I reduced my coffee step by step for a week going into my RP, with none on the day. I had no withdrawal symptoms. I started green tea & didn't like the tannin taste. Then I read about white tea, which doesn't have that taste & has even more health benefits. The best tasting one I found was from Teatulia (online, in Denver, an environmentally & socially progressive company), & that's what I've been drinking. I like it, but not as passionately as I like Peet's coffee.

    After your recent posts, I started drinking Peet's French Roast, French press grind. After the sweet taste of the white tea, it was a little bitter. So I tried getting a mixture of French & Italian Roast, half & half. Problem solved.

    I think the 4 minute exposure time I'm using is good. You have me wondering whether I would have found the French Roast alone too bitter if I wasn't using boiling water. You also have me curious about how the Aeropress differs from my inexpensive French press. I'm not asking you to comment unless you want to, since I can follow up on these questions myself.


  • This article explains more from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

  • I have been adding Macha powder to my Green drink in the morning. I think the taste would be a barrier in plain water. But good for you. I am the founder of all-volunteer cancer nonprofit Annie Appleseed Project. We provide the evidence for the us of natural substances (there is plenty of evidence).

  • I eat my apple seeds ...

  • I drink the matcha you I quit coffee. Hibiscus tea also is good. No caffeine.

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