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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Third Round Of Carbo Platin

Hi everyone.

We came back from a long day in hospital about one hour ago.

We are very tired. But the third Carbo Platin infusion went well and the news are only good: The liver markers AST and ALT are both going back down into their normal range. They go a little bit up and a little bit down all the time, but over all they are moving towards their normal range. The doctor is happy with the result so far. We will have three more cycles to go.

Paul is doing okay. The second cycle went without any major difficulties. Side-effects were manageable - tiredness and exhaustion. No nausea, no lack of appetite, and he even put on a little weight.

I am doing okay as well. Last week I went for a massage and I have also downloaded some fitness and yoga courses that I can easily do at home. The website where I found them is blindalive.com. The exercises are designed for people with vision impairment, like myself, but they are good for everyone, and the audio description is great, you can play them from a phone or computer. I am also using an ap called Headspace, a meditation ap which sends you short guided meditations daily to help you pause and feel yourself when you have been very busy or distracted and haven't paid much attention to yourself. All good stuff to support me and therefore both of us on this journey.

Best wishes from us to everyone!

Mel and Paul.

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Mel, I am glad to hear the carbo went well, Is he also doing docetaxol? I am also glad to hear you are taking care of yourself through meditation and Yoga . I am always so impressed with all the women caretakers on this list taking care of their Partners or Fathers.



Thank you for updating us. I was thinking of you. I will recommend headspace to my wife.


Mel, so glad it’s going well. And that you are taking care of yourself! So important.

Thanks for the tip on headspace - I may give it a try myself! 😊

Best wishes,



So delighted for you both.


Mel, thanks for the report. Glad things are "good". I really appreciate seeing in your Post how the whole cancer/treatment experience is an intertwined thing with impacts and workarounds for both the person with the cancer and the person who is the primary caregiver/partner. That's been our experience, too. A top quality Caregiver Massage at just the right time can be priceless.



Great news Mel.


Good Morning Mel,

Like Paul, I have liver mets and am on the Docetaxel plus Carboplatin chemo combo. Just completed 2nd infusion.

To combat fatigue, I take Wisconsin American ginseng twice daily. Google Mayo Clinic and ginseng for the results of a trial they conducted some time ago on the positive impact of this particular ginseng on cancer fatigue.

My Med Onc OK'd the addition of these capsules during my chemo, so you may want to check with Paul's docs and give it a try.

Best wishes. Never Give In.


Thank you all for your replies and good wishes.

Regarding the fatigue, we feel it is something that is manageable at the moment. And probably it is good to give the body as much exercise as possible as well. If Paul took something that made him feel less fatigued, he would probably do a lot more, and that mightn't be necessarily good for him. But thanks for the tip anyway.

We will keep you posted.



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