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Paul Very Sick In Hospital


Hi everyone.

Paul has been in hospital since Tuesday morning. We were due in to get his bloods done anyway but we also went in because Paul had developed a very sore throat over the weekend and a very high temperature in the night from Monday to Tuesday. He was 39.1 degrees when we arrived in the day ward. They gave him a bed and lots of fluids immediately. He had 2 liters of fluids and still only went to the bathroom once in six hours! That just shows you how dehydrated he must have been! They are now trying to find out whether what he has is a virus or a bacterial infection. They say it looks like it could be pneumonia and they are treating it as such with antibiotics.

I don't like the look of him at all. He is very quiet, not very responsive, and he has a huge problem with balance and is dizzy quite a lot when he tries to stand up. That's why they are doing a CT of his head today as well.

Has anyone here had pneumonia while on Chemo? Would you like to share your experiences? We are so scared that he won't make it or that the cancer has really spread into the brain or something. I am charing off to the hospital now and would be so grateful for any posts later.

Paul has been such a fighter so far. It would be so terrible if this infection took him away from us now.

Best wishes


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So sorry to hear Mel. Hope that it as nothing to do with his cancer and they can quicky find out what it is. Prayers for both you and Paul.



All good thoughts to you and Paul today.


Hoping, wishing and praying that the medicines get Paul feeling better asap. Sending good vibes and healing hugs.

Most sincere Mel,


Hoping he will have a speedy recovery from this. Please encourage him to continue to be strong and keep fighting the good fight. He can beat this.

Take Care,


Prayers and hugs for Paul and you Mel. ❤️

Chemo suppresses the immune system, leaving one open to all sorts of infections. There is a symptom called "febrile neutropenia" that can be fatal if untreated, so it's good he's in hospital. Febrile means fever, and neutropenia is a loss of certain white blood cells needed to fight infection. Fortunately, there is a cure (Neulasta, Leukine, Neupogen or similar) - he should get it immediately.

Hope he improves soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers. 👍

Wishing him a quick recovery.

Mel, It is good you got him right to the hospital. Did they mention giving him something to boost his white blood cells. I am hoping for the best for both of you, sending good thoughts.


Oh my - my sincerest thoughts and prayers to you both in this fight. Best to you both

Thinking and praying for the two of you. Be strong you are not alone. A hug to you🙏💛

Thoughts and prayers to you both. Hope Paul is feeling better soon.

I had pnuemonia around chemo round 7 or 8. I had severe nuetropenia - so i wasnt even coughing since my body wasnt fighting. I just had a high fever and my wife took me to ER. Chest xray showed pnuemonia. They started me on antibiotics and shot of blood count booster and i felt alot better in 24 hours. I ended up staying for 4 days until my blood count was back up - it took FOUR shots!! But after that i just coughed for a few weeks. My next chemo round pushed a week. But then i resumed.

So saddened by the current downturn Mel. We were and are fighting and praying with you. Paul was doing so well with your love and care. We hope he David

He will get better he will be in my prayers hang in there it’s hets worse before it will get better

He is a fighter he will be good soon.. God bless and keep encouraging him.. Positivity wins! You are already doing right treatment. Don't worry.

If he has not had Neulasta injections after his chemo treatments, I would suggest you seek this with his MO. I might also suggest changing his MO, as the Neulasta should be standard procedure to boost his WBC after each chemo treatment.

I pray he recovers and returns to good health. Good luck.

So sorry to hear about Paul. It's good that he is under good care and will pull through this. Prayers always,


He will be better soon!

Keep on fighting and praying.


Yes, my husband Sam also landed in the hospital, He had nerostomey tubes and developed an infection, high fever, chills etc. Very low white blood count. Put on fluids,antibiotic and given a needle to bring up blood count, it took as I remember four or more days of shots to bring up blood count. He was on chemo at the time.

Prayers and best wishes!!! Take care!!

Hugs, Lynn Pa. 💗

Paul will fight his best and we need to pray our best for him. My prayers are with you and your family.


My husband was hospitalized for 8 days while on chemo.

He became septic.

The doctors and nurses will watch him carefully and pull him out of this!


I know it is hard to see your husband like that!

Holding you in my thoughts. I'm a relative rookie to the group but I have had experiences with dehydration that I can share. I've been severely dehydrated and it is scary. I found I couldn't get warm, ended up shivering under a blanket and passing out. Could barely walk into the hospital. Hopefully, when they get his liquids and electrolytes back in order he'll come around. Good luck today.

Blessings on you both. With the help of God and modern medicine, Paul will beat this setback. Prayers for you two continue!❤

Thoughts and prayers to you both

I don’t have anything to add other than to say I hope they discover what it is and he feels better. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Paul.

I can't add any new ideas to the good advice already given above. But I can send all my best wishes and prayers to you and Paul. I know you both will keep fighting!

Shoot..... I’m praying that hes out of the hospital ASAP. ......infections are an enemy for sure. You are in our prayers......

gods blessings on you both...

Thoughts and prayers area with you both. I receive a neulasta injection after each chemo episode and I developed signs of what I thought was pneumonia. They did a chest x-ray and prescribed anti-biotics. Doing much better now. I’ve had pneumonia before so I was some what concerned.

Could this be what my Dr. says is contagious...flu virus ..told me at least a 6 wk. period. I have been so sick with this for 5 wks. and meds and more meds...hope Paul is back to himself soon.

Shyrlene W.

Hope Mel is back home very soon!

Dear Mel and Paul,

You feel very close in heart and mind this weekend. By now, we trust your doctors have followed Tall Allen’s sage advice and that Neulasta is helping boost the white blood cells. May the antibiotic triumph over your pneumonia, Paul.

What an example you two have been to all of what a father/daughter relationship can be. Your togetherness is enviable—especially now. Les and I have often overheard, “You can’t have one without the other.” Certainly such is difficult to imagine when it comes to you two.

More later. For now, we trust you are encouraged by all across this country and elsewhere who love and pray for you.

Les and Jan

Hi everyone.

Thank you so much for all your messages, advice, prayers and good thoughts.

Paul is still in hospital. Paul tested positive for Influenca A virus but also has a chest infection which, according to the doctors, is quite common when the immune system is compromised.

Paul is on antibiotics for the chest infection and on an antiviral tablet twice a day; I think it is called Tamiflew.

The flew and the infection seem to be somewhat under control. His temperature is back to normal and he is feeling a little stronger in himself.

His balance and speech were really bad on Wednesday and on Thursday, so they did a CT of the brain and it came back all clear. Today was the first day that we had a little walk along the hospital corridor; his balance has certainly improved.

Now what really worries me at the moment is his confusion. He is clearly not himself. Yesterday he asked me how my trip to Italy was and today he asked me if I had had an operation and got my tumor removed. Neither was I or were we in Italy nor did I have a tumor ever. He is just saying these things and sometimes he is aware that he is saying things that don't make sense but sometimes not. It is really scary.

He is sleeping an awful lot. Today I brought him in a newspaper but he didn't read it because, every time he tried, he fell asleep or drifted off into a world of his own.

This evening he got sick after his food. Only a little bit but the retching was very strong.

I am so much hoping that confusion and retching are only side-effects of the infections/the virus.

We have never heard of this medicine to boost the white blood cells. I will definitely enquire about it.

Best wishes to everyone!


Thoughts and prayers continue for you and Paul.

Difficult day here, too. Huge inguinal hernia, blocked colon, appt. with surgeon’s nurse April 24th and him May 4th. Hoping to make it until then. Sleeping a lot. Vivid hallucination this a.m. Don’t be burdened by us. Holding hands with good people. Jan

Sorry for your current challenge Mel, like everyone here, I'm trying to send you both positive thoughts.

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