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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Second Round Of Carbo Platin And Good News!

Hi everyone.

So Paul had his second Carbo Platin infusion on Thursday.

As you know, his first round was a little difficult. During the first week he had a lot of nausea and sickness but he was given more anti-sickness medicfation and it is really helping and he is eating again and no nausea at all. Then, in the second week of round one, he had a little bit of a virus which made him feel chesty and his temperature went up a bit so we went to hospital to get his bloods tested but they were okay so the doctor told us to just rest, drink lots of water and sleep; and the virus went. So he was all ready to go for round two.

He is very, very sleepy all the time. In the third week he experienced a lot of shortness of breath as well. But those are the only side-effects.

And now: The brilliant news is that all three liver markers are improving. They are all not back in the normal range yet but a lot better, and although they go up and down a little, the tendency is definitely down into the normal range. We are so happy about that and hoping that this of course means that the liver mets are decreasing.

Best wishes to all of you!

Mel and Paul.

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Mel and Paul, I am happy for you to hear that good news. Mel, It is so good that you are such a good caretaker for Paul. Keep us posted on how the Carbo goes, I am sure Carbo is in my future.


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Happy to hear good news. My first infusion with Carboplatin and docetaxel was about the same. No Hospital visit, fortunately. Try Ginger for nausea, the eight other anti-nausea drugs I tried did not help. Shortness of breath and dizziness still an issue for me after 7 rounds.


Really glad to hear this good news. It's a confirmation of what I have read, but so good to know it works. I wish your doctor had gotten onboard sooner, but at least you are getting the treatment you need now. Hoping for more continued success with the treatments.

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Such GREAT news Mel and Paul! Thanks so much for sharing. I'll be smiling all day for both of you. Big hugs :))


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Hope the good news keep coming!


Great news! I always love it when I hear that someone is getting good results in treatment.

Best of luck.



I like good news to start my day. xx


Glad to hear that Paul is improving. Thank you for sharing the good news.



I have had my first infusion of Docetaxel and Carboplatin with minimal side effects other than extreme fatigue for the first 4 days.

Does Paul's Med Onc prescribe steroids for the day before, day of, and day after chemo? I use Dexamethasone and for those 3 days I am bulletproof!

Before my chemo drugs, they infuse me with Aloxi, a strong anti nausea drug with a 72 hour life. Works so far.

I leave with a Neulasta self injector pack on my right arm which deploys 27 hours later.

I remain hopeful that all of this will manage and moderate most side effects.

Best wishes for Paul. Never Give In.


Hi all.

Thank you for all your posts and kind and loving thoughts.

Yes, we are really happy that the treatment seems to be working. And knowing that helps us through days like, for example, yesterday when Paul was so tired that he could only sleep most of the day and when he felt like he had a hangover. We then remember that it is all because he is undergoing a very difficult treatment that will help him to live and enjoy life longer.

Yes, Paul is taking 8 mg of Dexamethasone for two days after each infusion plus the two types of anti-sickness medication for the whole duration of the treatment. It seems to work well like this.



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