Metastatic prostate cancer of bone and bone marrow

I am new here. I have had prostate cancer for 8 years...Had surgery(can't think of name for it but it's like castration About 6 years ago) tried casadex and Lupron but I was allergic to both. I am a very active 92 years old. I now have 2 elevated lymph nodes and my oncologist did a bone marrow test and result..bone cancer and bone marrow cancer. He as well as another oncologist said take Xtiga and the time I hadn't been appetite for a long time.. Those meds put me back to eating ..had to actually learn to swallow again and walk again. exercise also...

I feel good and like my old me now for a few months...taking blood tests very often which seem good. I really do not know how long this will help.

Would like your opinions and thoughts very much. My wife Shyrlene istyping all of this and naturally she is worried about time on Xtiga and prednisone.


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  • Odds are you will not make it past figure you have 8 good years left...a 2 lb porterhouse + fries and a milkshake once a day till you get your strength back

  • Gus....I am a young 92 year old....your advice sounds GOOD!


  • Congratulations for your wonderful survival for so many years!

    The drug you are on is called Zytiga. Here is a link to the Full Prescribing Information.

    (Requires Adobe Reader software to view. You may already have a copy of the Prescribing Info that came with your original prescription.)

    In Study 2, men who had not already had chemo had a median Overall Survival of almost 3 years, and, notably, at least 1/3 of the study participants were still alive and kicking 5 years later.

    Keep working closely with your doctors, and report all your symptoms. There are lots of other options beyond Zytiga, too. Whatever you've already been doing to live as long as you have, Keep it Up! You are an Inspiration!


  • Charles,

    Thank you for the info. I am a Young 92 year old guy.!! I would be so happy for a 3 year survival.....

    I am now waiting for my Oncologist to decide whether to take me off Zytega or add somethg. else to it. Zytega has kept me alive so far and I was actually almost dead and having a lot of blood transfusions. With good food that I had no appetite for before at all for quite long and a good helper who had me doing some exercise constantly I came back.


  • You've come to the right place ;) Congratulations on your longevity and active-ness ;)

    Welcome :)

  • Thank you. I am happy to be among all of you!


  • We are grateful to you for having joined us at this age as a PCa survivor. Very inspirational and you deserve many more years of fulfillment to your hart's content. Apparently you only need a good oncologist to add those meaningful years. There are several options that he may use strategically to extend your life. On your part look after your energy and activity levels. Yours is already a success story. Congratulations!


  • I am happy to be among all you terrific guys! I have a good oncologist and also one at the VA in North Chicago.


  • Congratulations. Enjoy living and keep it up. The Xtiga should be good for a number of years.

  • Thanks! I hope so!


  • Many of us will never see age 94; you've already won !

  • Also congrats from a 74 year old. Ask about the use of Xofigo--to your Docs. If you are a candidate---this drug is Radium 223, and does well in killing cancer in the bone, Not aware of it working on marrow though. You still have arrows in your quiver---don't listen to Gusgold. he is drunk on Gator Blood[BIRM]. Not recommending BIRM as a supplement---just throwing it out, as a possibility. But what Gusgold was saying, eat well, high protein diet, and take digestive enzymes with the high protein diet. Need to stay strong---and continue to exercise. Also deep breathing exercises in fresh outdoor air helps get more oxygen to the blood. Cancer hates oxygen. IMO you can make it to 100.


  • Thank you Nalakrats. My Oncologist and I discussed Xofigo..He is interested in adding another with the Zytiga and Prednisone I am taking. My PSA is beginning to rise slowly , but up to now Zytiga has really so far, saved my life. I am trying to eat well with Ensure or Boost, also. Did not know Cancer hates oxygen .....and I hope I do make it at least a few years more!


  • I would use Whey Protein Isolate instead of Ensure or Boost. Much better results, by far. Yes I do know about Cancer and Oxygen. To oxygenate your blood I recommend deep breathing exercises--outside lying down on a beach chair, in the sun. I do about 250 every other day. If you do not know how, get help with a physical therapist. Some people will do hyperbaric oxygen, others take something called O3, and and others use peroxide IV's.


  • to Sidnw, My only advice:

    Make sure your wife doesn't catch you with a young chippie and you'll definitely make it to 100.

    j-o-h-n Monday 08/07/2017 11:38 AM EST

  • Sidnw....Thanks for your replies...Positive thinking and determination and support from my family plus excellent physical and occupational therapy brought me to this point making me well again.

  • Thks. John, I guess that,too, could happen!!!


  • Ha, Ha,

    Good Idea!


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