Urinary Urgency

My husband was DX stage IV so he still has his prostate. One of the only symptoms he had was urgency, He started treatment with ADT in February and Docetaxel in April. My understanding is this should be shrinking the tumors and should in theory make the urgent feeling go away. This morning he had an "accident" for the first time rushing to get to the bathroom to pee. His PSA has been dropping but this makes me concerned this is a sign that the cancer is getting bigger not smaller. Any thoughts?

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  • His periodic scans could be measured to determine any changing geometry of his prostate and any detectable growths in the vicinity of his bladder, urethra or associated nerves. It may not be a matter of anything getting smaller or larger in that area, or pressing on anything or not pressing on anything, following a course of treatment, or related to the current treatment. And, some men develop some urinary incontinence issues whether they have prostate cancer or not. It's a good question to ask for clarification from his doctor and radiologist.

    In the meantime, you may find some other ideas related to urinary incontinence here:


    And, if you really want to find out what's going on with all things "urinary flow", you might seek comprehensive "urodynamic testing" with a good Urologist.



  • Great answer, Charles!


  • I remember the extreme urgency when I was dxed with

    Stage 4 11 yrs ago this week ,I had to carry a bottle on my 24 min ride to work and stop at red lights to use it. It gets better as tumor volume in prostate shrinks,now it is not an issue and I can sleep 4 hrs without getting up makes a big difference in rest. Avodart/dutasteride

    is a benign drug used to treat enlarged prostate and also shrinks

    Prostate alleviating urinary issues. It also reduces dihydrotesrosterone which is a more powerful T some feel adds to hormone therapy. I have been on it 11 years w no side effects. I have not carried a bottle I over 10 yrs, and really have no urgency. I wish you the best,stay involved and informed on all aspects of this disease


  • Thanks Dan. Who prescribes your Avodart? Our oncologist has never mentioned it but I will ask about it.

  • It may be easier to get from a urologist,my Mo does ,you need to mention your urinary urgency,and enlarged prostate,mo should do it w that if you ask. Docs

    Ikeep Myers and Strum used to do it, sartor wrote a script forMe years ago .actually there is a study on it increasing effectiveness with day, I am unable to cut and paste on this iPad ,but Google scholar ketoconazoLe with dutasteride New England journal of Med, I posted it a while back .of course you have a forward thinking Prostate expert Mo they will do it

  • If I assume your husband had some sort of radiation, be careful that his urethra is not being blocked. Although the prostate has shrunk, it may have shrunk, as mine did, and choked off the urethra. Have his Uro do an ultrasound of his bladder to check. My Uro at the time ignored it altogether, and I suffered for three years. Just be careful.


  • I would also say if psa is dropping,most likely rumors are shrinking,as bigger volume produces more psa,it may take a while to get relief on urinry issues,took,e 6 or 8 mos if not lil longer, dutasteride will help imo.

  • My urgency increased on Docetaxel, I also had the odd mishap, which never happened before chemo.

  • Interesting and good to know. Thanks 👍

  • clincancerres.aacrjournals.... Here it is print tell of urinary urgency and show this paper to Mo for proof benefit with hormone therapy

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