No Appetite, Cant Eat, Nauseas

Man all of a sudden after my 11th round of Chemo, I have lost my appetite all together ,

I have a sour stomach and don't feel like eatin.

chemo med Jevtana / cabazitaxel , had terrible time, constipated (failed to take enough laxative) Blood in Urine problem, etc.... palliative said he could give me a pill (remeron) anti depressant, for nausea /stomach ache , that should make me want to eat. I hope this is only temporary , is that a possibility?

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  • Burnett1948 Kiwi fruit is the best laxative.

  • prunes and prune juice too

  • Sorry to hear.

    How many Rounds of Jevtana (cabazitaxel) do you have left?

    You might find some other Appetite ideas toward the bottom of this link.


  • I keep taking chemo as long as it works and as long as I can stand it.

    I have had 11 rounds total, and my psa is now 3.8 and trending upward. :-(

    when this chemo stops working then my Onc, has a couple of drugs he wants to go back and re-vist , I guess he has a couple tricks up his sleeve, and then I will move on to experimental clinical trials, oh joy... it has been a wonderful life, I feel like I am running out of time, I have more sick days now then good days :-(

    I will keep trying to fight and hang on.



  • Wow. It must be so hard, both physically and mentally. I will likely be in a similar situation some time down the road in the eventual progression of my disease. It scares me to think about it. I'm very thankful to be able to interact with brave men like you who living it in the here and now.

    I'm curious, do you and/or your Onc have a certain PSA and/or symptoms/scan results Threshold at which Jevtana will be considered ineffective, and stopped for you?

    Until then, I'm sure you are already well aware of this Section of the info about Jevtana, concerning reductions in dose, or discontinuance of dose, depending upon Side Effects Toxicities.

    "2.2 Dose Modifications" as listed in this (or a more recent) document:


  • I think the psa number is around 20, when we have to move on to something else, or I simply cant take anymore chemo. also I believe my jevtana dose is 20% lower than suggested because I got sick on my first chemo dose , that is a good fact sheet on jevtana.

  • Well, Jack, maybe you could try another drug? It obviously makes you suffer a lot. Nobody should have more sick days than good days, I think. Go to your oncologist and have another chat. Or even get a second opinion. I think that is what we would do.

    You are very brave in the way you are taking all this, but maybe it is time to think of kindness to yourself as well. Maybe what your body is telling you is that it is just too hard to take this particular treatment any longer.


  • I don't think I'm brave, remember I'm doing all this because I have to do it. sometimes I cry a lot too.

  • MrJack - Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Bob is in the same boat - 4 docetaxels and fail, now 4 of 6 cabazitaxel and carboplatin combos. He eats very little. He was in the hospital with UTI/bladder infection that went septic. Since he was in the hospital and a rehab facility for ten days, he qualifies for home health care. They send a nurse, physical and occupational therapists. I hope this helps to get his strength back. He is pretty exhausted from the treatments and infection. I hope that it only temporary too - think it will be better when the chemo stops. We keeping telling each other that we'll make it through this - two more treatments to go. My sister's oncologist said to eat "anything" that will stay down - she ate alot of ice cream and she's diabetic. Keeping you in our prayers!

  • It'll pass. Keep with it. I did almost 14 years ago. BTW, when I did chemo, I was told absolutely no milk products.


  • I did not have the problem but my suggestion to keep up fluid and protein intake if this lasts a while would be to buy some pea-protein based protein powder. NO WHEY based-a number of people have unsuspected lactase deficiency as gourd-dancer seems to have heard. Also if you have been semi-starving for a while the absorptive lining of your small intestine may not be able to handle a load of lactose temporarily. You can make a smoothy of the powder in 2 cups of soy or almond milk and take sips over next 4 hours. Do this three times a day-thats 48 ounces of fluid and 62-or more grams protein total per 24 hours

  • If you are in a medical marijuana State, or a State where it is legal, this very often cures the appetite situation. I have seen it work a few times. You do not have to smoke it---You can use THC OIL, under the tongue, or bake the weed into cookies.

    My Oncologist, and Urologist are big fans of this. But I do not need it at my stage, but we have discussed it, for future use. I have plenty of aches and pains from my ADT program, and it gets worse each week. So when in Florida for the Winter, My Uro, will write me a script, to take to a Florida Doctor, so he can write a Florida State approved Medical Marijuana Script.

    Florida starts its Medical Marijuana Program this September. WE have lots of men on this site using, THC, or THC/CBD Oil, or just eating it in Brownies, to offset pain, and to improve appetite. You can find postings on this subject.

    If you are not in a State that allows, there is not much you can do legally.


  • I recently ran into a guy who can get Rick Simpson Oil. I'm in a so-called legal state where no doctors seem to be on board. This is from Cal I think, and I'm waiting to find out the cost. After doing some research, I found that RSO isn't an actual product, but a specific way to manipulate MJ to it's basic oil resin. This is in contrast to how waxes and oils are made for the mass market. Every month, my Onc "whacks" on my spine and no pain at all. I support cannabis usage for medicinal purposes, because I know it works.


  • Amen--Joe, wish more people would dip their toe in the water. I feel funny as A guy going on 74 talking about MJ. But I have seen it work.


  • I think that's a good thing Nalakrats. It proves that men your age still can have an open mind, and are not afraid of new/really old ways of treatment. I'm 58, and the only time in my life where pot wasn't involved, was when I was in the military. And, even then, I knew some guys who smoked. If it weren't so demonized by the MAN, we'd be living in a Utopia.


  • I lived thru the revolution of the 60's---and participated to the point of many unconscious nights, even days, when not working.

    As a Chemist I use to synthesis, all of my goodies. Will not name them--but THC was one of many of my synthesis successes.

    I am well experienced, but that was a long time ago.


  • Then, do I have a story for you. I once worked at a gas station in Feasterville, PA., in the 70's. I was 16-17 at the time. I pumped gas, and took orders from the boss, usually to bring the days cash to his home. The owner was a biker type, with a lot of friends. The regulars were the mechanic's, and a guy who was a bit different. He was a chemist also. He was a car freak too, and did he build some badass cars. He owned a 50-ish Black Lightning motorcycle that sat in the front window of the station.

    What I remember him for was this, and I say this now many moons later. He made a synthetic mj, by taking a pound of pot, reducing it to it's basic components, then replacing these components with man-made materials. I can say one thing about it, it was killer. And, you know what? You'd be about his age. How about that?


  • There is an actual synthesis--you can probably look up on Google, for THC. In those days I smoked cigarettes.

    So I would take a few, and put lines of THC on the paper. Go over the GW bridge, thru the Lincoln tunnel and into Manhattan, cops would pull along side me now and then, and they had no idea I was getting blasted. Walk down the streets of N.Y.C. smoking and you could not smell it when burning---no one knew.


  • Hi Jo and all.

    Oh yes, we support cannabis use for medicinal purposes as well. I is not legal in Ireland yet. But there is a company in the Netherlands that ships to other countries where you can get the cannabis oil.


  • There is a lot of truth to this.

    Towards the end of my treatments, I was not eating and was hurting big time.

    A friend I made there told me right after dark, meet him at the little park across the street.

    There was 8 others there and we all were cancer patients. So I smoked some with them. I went to the grocery store next door and bought 2lbs of shrimp and ate them all. Then went to bed. It was the best nights sleep I had in years!

    It sure don't hurt to try.

  • The only problem is that bottom feeders like shrimp are not Kosher for a reason. 2 big Pastrami on Rye would have been my choice.

    Good for you.


  • True. But that's what sounded good at the time and I kept it down.

    The next day, I went to Pizza hut for hot wings.

    Once I was able to eat something, I was able to eat and keep it down.

    After treatments, I got my appetite back. Problem is now, I still eat too much but I have a little "reserve" around the middle.

  • Many of us use Metformin, to keep blood sugar in check, and to keep Visceral, belly fat to a minimal while eating healthy. Metformin, in published papers has shown to lower the aggressiveness of Metastatic cancer cells.

    Just a thought.


  • Can you point me to a paper Nal? My Oncologist told me there's no evidence that Metformin helps (actually she says that every time I ask anything).

  • Send this to pjoshea on this site--he did a study on it with papers. Or go to his posts.

    I went to Google myself--Putting in the Search Bar[Metformin and Prostate Cancer]. Up came enough to read. My Uro. did not know much, he called the head of Oncology at my local hospital, and he started quoting how to write a script to my Uro, for me. I use an Oncologist 2 hours from my house and he agrees also to the use of Metformin---2nd Opinion time maybe? Dr. Snuffy Meyers one of the most well known Oncologists, also prescribes it routinely. Especially Avodart and Metformin, while on ADT vacations.


  • Thank you.

  • C'mon man. You fish, and I'm certain you eat what you catch. What's up with shrimp, I have two pounds ready to be eaten. Are lobster, crab, and crawfish, out too? Not in my book. These are the tastiest critters in the ocean, IMO. I have to admit, I love to fish, but I'm not particular to eating it. Except, something like shark or any meaty fish. Don't you do any fresh water fishing? I love it. My problem is, at 58, I still lose every lure I buy. I suck at it, until I hit something, then I don't suck anymore. That's the way it is.

    Peace, Joe

  • The bottom feeders are not Kosher. God said they were not to be eaten for a reason, as he wanted to keep his Jewish People healthy.



  • Too many gods, too many religions. Man made their gods how they saw fit.

    Peace, Joe

  • Well, the reason I am writing back to you, is the Holy One. I will not reason why. But you can have your opinion, and I know why I am still here.


  • Let me ask you this...Do you agree with the Repub senator who said that god will fix climate change? I don't. When will mankind see things for what they are?

  • I do not do Politics on this site--you want to argue politics, with me, then find out where I Blog.


  • I agree, this is certainly not the platform, but I did not mention politics, you did. I just mentioned a god fearing man who thinks that his god will do things that no 'god' has ever done.


  • I have no input here, MrJack, other than to say I wish you well. Blood in the urine was about the scariest thing I had ever experienced. Not being able to eat is another ball game altogether. Good luck.


    I agree with Nalakrats on that matter. It keeps my met pain at bay.

  • I have gone trough 8 Chemo (Docetaxil & Carboplatin) . don't have problem yet about eating although the loss of taste makes eating not as appealing as in the past. Since I have no idea when I will stop the Chemo I will be at 11 in about 8 weeks.

  • It will get better if you can keep your gut healthy. Probiotics help and are available from dairy and non-dairy sources.

  • yea, it has improved, my diet has gotten better, but not there yet, my gosh it has taken me a long time, about 7days just to rehab, I was really tore up, got a few more grey hairs now.

  • I had and still do have changes in appetite. Lived on plain baked or boiled sweet potatoes for a week. I still do not care for meat (okay for seasoning.) Fair rule for the short term for me was listen to my body and I found the eating less of a challenge. Best wishes.

  • my appetite has improved, but its not the same, like it used to be.

    I can eat now but everything tastes weird, or bad.

  • I am sorry to hear that. My husband and I try to deal with his occasional nausea and stomach ache by adjusting our diet. On days when it is bad we would have only a light soup and things that can be digested easily. We try to stay away from extra medication as long as possible. Having said this, my husband is not on Chemo but on Aberaterone.


  • my dad put black pepper on everything, including ice cream, to cover up the weird taste in his mouth from chemo. he said he couldn't taste the black pepper at all.

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