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Sisira Has Written a Post on Why BIRM (Gator Blood) Should Not Be Taken

Sisira says the side effect of drinking Gator Blood and eating the meat (caused by taking BIRM) is inhumane and would rather die from PCa...Dr. Nalakrats should have warned us about this side effect...right now over 300 men on this board spend their nights hunting and killing Gators because of the insatiable thirst for gator blood. Anyway Nal's daughter, Lizardy, sent me a pic of Nal playing cards.


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How about cutting the guy a break, huh? You and Nalakrats shoot the breeze like no one else is around. It took me a bit before I figured out what you guys meant with the gator blood. And I'm taking the rancid stuff, and I'd probably prefer gator blood anyway. This is an international site, so others may not take it as easily as an outdoorsman from NJ.


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Oh Gus....


Hi, I checked out BIRM on Amazon and found "Biological Inmunne Response Modulator" It seems this is a plant product from Ecuador and is an extract from a plant called "Plantas Inmunomoduloras". So no is actually drinking alligator blood, they were only refering to the color and taste of 2 ml of this extract. Thanks for your interest. Jim


Gus, thank you for putting my name in big letters in a special post.

If you have time, please read my reply to Lombardi 24/Bill who is also a BIRM user.




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