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Xtandi Adds 7+ Months OS in mCRPC...Gator Blood (BIRM) is Also Effective But Has A

Side Effect most guys would find unacceptable....Nalakrats says the side effect of Gator Blood is no big deal...Nal found a female gator friend and likes the fact he no longer needs a rowboat when he takes her fact Nal states he no longer even needs a fishing rod.


Latest pic of Nal sunbathing...Nal has been on Gator Blood 6 weeks

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Brilliant stuff Gus. Am under rt first, hoping to avoid gator blood. My rowboat is missing an oar already.


I would not want to alarm anyone about this Study Title: "Xtandi Adds 7+ Months OS in mCRPC"

The referenced study above was a smaller, retrospective study, involving heavily pretreated men (i.e. sicker men). It is in contrast to the data from the 3 larger Clinical Trials listed in the Full Prescribing Information for Xtandi, and the basis for USA FDA approval:

Study 1 (involving sicker patients) showed 18.4 months median Overall Survival vs. placebo.

Study 2 showed 35.3 months median Overall Survival vs. placebo.

Study 3 showed 19.5 months to median Radiographic Progression Free Survival vs. Bicalutamide.

Remember also, that the Median is not the Message. Half of the patients in any study are on one side of the median, and half are on the other. Some INDIVIDUALS can exceed median markers by considerable amounts.



Nalakrats girlfriends reaction when Nal asks her if she wants to have sex*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto


Not funny. C'mon, guys.

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Why are you posting a picture of your ex-wife?




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