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My Onco Says If I Live Long Enough I Will Die From PCa

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I have now gone off all treatments and he says I have 3 months to live...I am going to prove him wrong or die trying. My only hope is Nalakrats does not pray for me which has proven to be 100% lethal by The Gator Trial, even if you don't have cancer. The pic below is of John, the last guy Nalakrats prayed for. John had a bad case of shingles and Nalakrats prayed for him and told him to drink a bottle of Gator Blood. He was last seen in his kitchen making breakfast...the amazing thing is he lived in Minnesota and they don't even have Gators in Minnesota.

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I've noticed that pc seems to hit the bravest of men. We'll wait for your 6 month report :)

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JamesAtlanta in reply to EricE

And then the 1-year report!


Kick some ass Gus because I look forward to laughing my ass off for many years to come reading your posts!

Absorb the love and laughs.


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gusgold in reply to erjlg3


you and my Gator were the only ones who got the meaning. Look how cute he is

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He's s0oo adorable Gus!!

Ouch. You have had so many posts and never seemed to talk about yourself. Totally stunned me sir. A very bad week on this site. I may need to find a different hobby. Although unmet, I wish you well.

So the GATOR BLOOD turned him into a crocodile?

if u gave up on treatments then your psa is to far out and u have lived a very long,long time with this disease. me its been 10 years and hopefully longer. what most on say u will die from something then cancer it grows slow and u got long time. never heard if in reversed. if he did change docs dude

NO F-IN WAY!!! You're gonna prove him wrong or I'm gonna kick your ass... You're too funny to hang up your jock... I promise, if you stick around I won't post my silly dumb ass comments anymore. DEAL?

Good f-in Luck, Good f-in Health and Good f-in Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 12/16/2018 2:42 AM EST

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TAKE THAT BACK JOHN!!! Gus is sticking around!! And we need your funnies!!!


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j-o-h-n in reply to erjlg3

I was only kidding... me give up silly dumb ass comments? I'd rather give up sex... oops I already did.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 12/17/2018 5:44 PM EST

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Have you gone off of all "traditional" treatments, but still taking supplements if you have been using them?

I admire your courage Gus! I do hope and pray that God is on your side so that you can update us months and years from now. All the very best and do keep us posted.

Good luck Gus .... I will be waiting excitedly to read your 3, 6 & 12 monthly reports.

Dear Gus,

It HAS been a terrible week, on HU and yesterday at home. Family is flying from AZ and KS to see us tomorrow, and I will not be ready. My love is asking who these people are, how many there are, how they will get to and from the airport in our pickup (5 of us in the front seat). I’m afraid neither of us quite “gets” Uber. This is his sister and the niece and nephew we had a party for in the back yard when they were little! Leswell is still taking Xtandi not that it’s doing anything or if it is we don’t know what. Holding hands from Minnesota at 8 am. Wanna race? Jan and Les

P.S. Yours is the saddest photo. Below is one from my brother currently in LA where they do have you-know-what. Having just arrived in the south, he cheered us by sending his Satsumas. Consolation comes from reading you and John and Jackie and, come on, especially Nala’s prayers! And from music. Our Krell processor has a broken fiber optic input so the CD turntable doesn’t keep turning (we’re having it fixed after Christmas), but the Maggies we hauled up from the basement with great difficulty trying to protect those ribbon tweeters, sound magnificent. You can hear all the lovely extraneous squeaking, plucking, strumming noises—no Glenn Gould humming though. (Hey Patrick. I’ll play Ives for the family in your honor.) The CD I’m writing about is from a company called Ottavo in The Hague, The Netherlands; the group is Groningen Guitar Duo, Les Grands Duos de Fernando Sor. Our 18’ x 13’ living room with two sound systems and an unused-for-a-long-time (that’s as bad as typing John’s handle) Model B Steinway comes alive! I remember how I felt when young about people who had unused pianos. Catch you later.

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leswell in reply to leswell

Can’t seem to send the photo. I'll try your email which I got from somewhere a long time ago.

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erjlg3 in reply to leswell

I sure hope each day gets better Mr and Mrs. Leswell ;) Wishin, hopin and prayin....

😂🤣😂🤣 Your latter part of your note had me chuckling. Sending strength, smiles and hugs.



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leswell in reply to erjlg3

Thanks, Jackie. I think of you often. Your wishin, hopin, prayin, strength, smiles, and hugs mean the world. Mrs. S

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Sending love 💖 Mrs. S

I do so pray you and the Mr wil be doing better. Huge but gentle (((Hugs)))


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Mrs. S....

I had lost that you were "Leswell".......and couldn't find you until now..... so glad you messaged :))))


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erjlg3 in reply to leswell


It has hard to find a gator when you need one! Live strong, do what you want each day with no guilt. I know we would all like to be in that high percentage of men that don’t get APC, but there is that appreciation for life that I took for granted until my diagnosis. To love and life!

My wife and I are praying for you. Your post shocked and greatly saddened us both.

Are there no strategies that the most knowledgeable members, especially Nalakrats and Tall-Allen can recommend that represent a plausible alternative?

I understand this a personal choice , however, a new perspective not considered/tried before might present a promising option- stopping all treatments, is always available to you.

The members of this group are the best; sharing research and info, the docs or others many times are not aware of.

Hoping there is some other path ; however, understand this is a personal decision and we need to respect that.

Regardless, we will be hoping and continue praying for you.

I'm sure you've thought it through. This time of year is hard for me. Maybe it is for you too. I live in Washington and it's dark and cool this time of year. The holidays are upon us. There is lots of stress. Could it be that you'd have some renewed strength after the new year? Up here we hang on the Winter Solstice because it is the date when our days start getting longer, imperceptibly at first but like a snowball rolling downhill, every day brings a little more daylight, a little more of that vitamin D, a little more time to walk and think. This group is great at many things. We're all wishing you the best no matter what, and there's no expiration date on that.

💔 not what we wanted to hear...

Sheri (wife,caregiver, cheerleader)

Love your posts and pics. Stay strong💙


Good luck Gus. Happy holidays.

Well, of course! That's not a Gator, that's a crocodile. Three months to live? They told me that a year ago.

Thinking of you Mrs. S and hoping the family visit is going well. Hoping you're resting in between everything and the families helping out. It's a lot when getting visitors at this time when your brain is going every which way. Arms wrapped around you with gentle hugs. Sending love and prayers ❤


Gus, with a large number of supplements others have discussed here something should keep the monster at bay. Stay strong, try meditation or better guided imagery.

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