Update on BIRM

I didn't expect to write an update so soon, but a couple things to note.

First things first, if your going to try this stuff, get yourself a syringe to take it. I squirt it down my throat to avoid any contact with taste buds. It tastes that bad.

Today, is just day four, and I have experienced an increase in my energy. The downside, if it's a downside, was yesterday I laid down at about 6 pm, and woke up this morning at 8 am. But, I did have Liam dragging me all over, inside and out. C'mon Pop-pop c'mon, lets go outside.

My brain fog seems to be going away too. And, that wasn't something I expected. Like I said, it's only day four, but I feel a change coming. I'll have a PSA done on the eleventh, and I'll update again then.


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  • Great to hear Joe! I am so glad you have a little Liam chasing pop pop around, that is what keeps us alive!

  • I'ts so much fun right now, he started T-ball. He's the only kid that runs after the ball. It was hilarious when he hit the ball, he ran after the ball instead of first base! I assume he'll play center field.

  • That's awesome Joe, That is a great age , and how nice to be pop pop

  • Ah, the famous BIRM placebo effect. With a taste like that it must be good. I want some. LOL


  • Or is it the infamous placebo effect? Remains to be seen.

  • It tastes like burnt molasses that's gone bad.


  • I mix mine with a little organic pomegranate juice.

  • Wow, that sounds pretty impressive. Having a lot more energy and at the same time being able to get a very long sleep seems like a great thing, it shows that your body is still taking its time to rest but that you can do lots more. Yes, please keep us updated especially when you get your PSA done.

  • Hi Joe, I am almost done with my first bottle of BIRM. My last PSA in In February was 0.1. I had my blood drawn Wednesday and should have my result Monday or Tuesday. Will report back to this thread and Nalakrats thread on BIRM. Hoping for the best!

  • Please do. I'm getting more confident about this stuff.

  • Joe. Started Birm last week. I have an appointment for blood work on the 19th. PSA had doubled at last appointment 2 weeks ago. Fingers crossed. If it would just slow down...even a little. Are you taking 3 eyedropoers (1ml using syringe)?

  • I take 2 mls. twice a day as per the directions. I have a 1-5 ml. syringe.

    We can only hope it does what it says it can do. I read a paper where it kills Pca cells in vivo and in vitro. I also read that the FDA approved a little more than a mil to study it. This leads me to believe there's something to this supplement.

  • Thx Joe. Was taking 1ml 3x daily...am changing to 2ml 2x daily.

  • Thanks all the guys who are reporting on their taking BIRM.


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