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It's only been two weeks since I started BIRM, but I have a PSA done every four weeks when I get my Xgeva shot, so from here it will be monthly.

First, the PSA. On 4/13 it was 1.9, on 5/12 it was 2.3. This is after I had a .2 increase every 4 week period since it was about 1. So, the .4 increase in the last month wasn't what I had hoped for. On the other hand, there is a definite increase in my cognitive skills, (no brain fog), and my energy. Now, I'm doing things I haven't done in a while, and I pay the price with aches and pains from it. But, still no met pain, which is a positive in the realm of things.


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  • Good news on the cognitive Joe! I don't put much into a .4 change, as in my mind that can my just the noise in the test. I do not suspect you will feel any met pain with such a low psa,Mine is 88 and I feel no pain that I think is from mets.


  • So, you say that met pain and PSA are relative? I'm asking seriously, if so , I had no idea.


  • I am assuming that psa is relative to amount of Cancer in the body. From my experience following these list it seems like met pain is associated with a higher psa. Other blood markers to follow for how mets are growing in bones is alk phos, Alk phos is usually out of range when cancer is growing in the bones. Also as Yost said the scans are important.

  • Joe, You have a while to go if you are looking at only PSA as your determining factor, in my opinion and study. I believe this is a situation, that the Feel Good and clearing of brain fog, takes place within 30 days--and that it will take 2 months before other measurable factors, such as PSA, C-reactive Protein, MAY show some results. One possibility is that the BIRM, will not reduce the PSA, but keep it in Place. Another thing you cannot measure, is its affect of refractive PSA cells--those that do not give a PSA value--as BIRM, is supposed to keep them from being able to migrate to bone by eliminating their Hyaluronidase Enzyme, which allows these cells to be transported to bone. We have no data on PSA--I assume this is some of the work the University of Miami Medical, will be doing with the NIH money. We are still in the Unknown sector of outer space.


  • Thanks for the reply. NC and FL explain the fishing fetish, but poor Sisira thought you were actually eating raw gator blood, not that there's anything wrong with that. Have you tried going after any pythons down there? I'd like to tag along on a trip like that.


  • No--hate snakes--I just shoot them.


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