May 1, BIRM-day

I received my BIRM this morning, so it begins. I was quite surprised with the dosage, 2 ml. twice a day. So, 60 days for $83 isn't too bad. The taste however, blech.

I've been feeling pretty low for the past several weeks, so any boost in energy would be a huge benefit. I'm doing this on my own with no input from my Onc. As far as I'm concerned right now, is that this is an immune booster, nothing more. I'll post how it goes.

Joe-guinea pig

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  • Would be very interested to read your progress Joe. Anything that lifts my energy levels would be fantastic.

  • Thanks for posting your results

  • Looking forward to positive results. Good luck

  • I'm currenty taking taxotere, firmagon, casadex. Having my 6th chemo treatment today. Fatigue and energy level were at my lowest points ever after 5th treatment. Walking down the hall would exhaust me. Was out of breath with minor tasks.

    I started taking the Birm 2 1/2 weeks ago. Energy level started to pickup within a couple days and keeps improving every day. Went to walmart yesterday and in a hurry and was able to jog with the cart a little to get out quicker and was not out of breath.

    I have last chemo treatment today so shall see if energy level doesn't get knocked down too much.

  • What you report seems common for those taking Chemo---also suppose to offset the loss of hair, nail disfigurement, skin deterioration, and of course what you report Energy Increase. Good Luck!


  • Thanks for posting your results Joe, I am interested in this, for reasons others have stated.

  • I buy from Amazon--for 47 Dollars---120 mls---4 mls a day=30 days, of use. I do not know where you are getting, and why 83 dollars? Still not napping in the afternoon--energy increase I can attest to---but is it the Placebo Effect--should know soon. I know I can go longer in the gym--but after 1 and 1/2 hours, no need---just trying to maintain.


  • Ebay, $83 240 ml.

  • OK, then 240 divided by 4 , gives you 60 days of use--your deal is better than mine as I buy only 120 Mls at 47 dollars. I buy the smaller bottle, for shelf life. This stuff needs to be refrigerated after opening. Trying to keep everything fresh. When I go Fishing next week and when i take my BIRM, it will be packed with ice, in a baggie to keep its temperature, Until I get to my temp. living quarters.

    We have already had one report here of a gentleman on Chemo, and fatigued, after 2.5 weeks, he is running thru the supermarket with his shopping cart--that was a great testimonial. Hope to hear more of this. Would like to really see if anyone's PSA drops after 30 days.


  • Congratulations! When are you going to publish the results?


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