5th chemo, scans reduce by 30%, psa up 7 after 4 cycles

5th chemo, scans reduce by 30%, psa up 7 after 4 cycles

Breezed through chemo no 5, scans showed significant response just prior to number 5 and psa taken the morning before showed an increase of 7 to 86, Doc says don't worry with the good news on scans, tested testosterone, xtandi always had it at undetectable, now back up to 20. Thinking of using up a few extra boxes of Nilandron I had from years ago to see what it does for psa, Nilandron worked good in the past for me. I was up late on dex watching the GS warriors and movies, and Tiredness of my body hidden by dex caused some hip pain, took an advil, went to bed and now up after 4 hours wide awake ,hip still hurts a little but feels better after 4 hrs., no taste loss, no neuropathy, no nail issues, no real side effects, Plan to extend out beyond 6 cycles due to good scan results and no SE.I was told by my expert to wait a year before a re challenge with xtandi, so that is what I am shooting for. Feeling good about shrinking those tumors!!

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  • Shrinking tumors. WooHoo!!!


  • Thanks Charles!

  • Great news - a very happy day!

  • Thank You!

  • Burnett1948.Dan congrats; well done mate.

  • Thanks for the kind words

  • Excellent news Dan. Interesting how you're now getting a good response after round 5. I've had round 3, my PSA=1.0 but that's what it was already with Zoladex alone, so it has me wondering if the chemotherapy is doing anything. I also have had some hip pain, which also makes me wonder what's going on inside. Great news on the lack of side effects too. I'm right behind you!

  • The measurement was after 4 chemo as I had labs and scans before chemo 5.

    For Me I think the hip pain is from lack of sleep on dexamethasone, it seems to go away with advil. It took me really to get past round 2 I believe to get a response, when you say you have had 3 ,does that mean psa was done after 2? I wonder what a scan would look like after 4, that is how you would really know. I am not getting such a great psa response this time, but I have always hated the fluctuations in my local non ultrasensitive lab. I may request it be sent out to mayo next time for ultrasensitive.

  • Hey Dan, yes the PSA was after round 2. I might see about a scan after number 4 in 10 days or so.

  • sounds good, with that low of a psa they may not find anything . I hope they do not

  • Thank you for keeping us informed about your progress. We all can rejoice when you do well!


  • Great news Dan. I am also experiencing hip plains as a result of the docetaxel. I met with a physician yesterday who is with the Pain Management Team at MD Anderson in Camden, NJ and he said that was only the conclusion he can come up with. He said since two extra strength Tylenol alleviates the pain, to continue it. He, along with my oncologist said to refrain from taking ibuprofen, Advil, motrin as they can possibly interact with my chemo treatment. Glad you're doing well-Nick

  • Glad to know about the advil, Last night I finally got off the dexamethasone and slept in till 11 am today, Hip pain is gone after a good rest, feeling good today.

  • Way to go Dan de oh,

    Good Luck and Good Health.

    j-o-h-n Thursday 05/04/2017. 3:00 PM EST

    Remember: Today we drink. Tomorrow we sink, the Mayo... Hola...

  • Thank You John,

    Good luck and Good Health to you! today we drink!!

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