PSA up after radiotherapy

Hi all just got the bad news my PSA has gone from .7 to 20.1 6 weeks after completing radiotherapy sounds like they missed it all together so Im guessing it not in the prostate bed but somewhere else.

Now about to have more scans can only hope its in the lymph nodes and not in my bones but not holding out for much luck.

Has anyone heard of Colloidal Silver and if its any help at all, trying to find ways of slowing my PSA doubling time as it was doubling every 4 weeks just before the radiotherapy started my gleeson score was 4+3 so not sure why my PSA is doubling so fast.



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  • your supposed to start ADT 4 weeks before radiation

  • In this particular case, starting ADT probably wouldn't have helped. It's clear that the cancer had already escaped the prostate bed. However I think you should get your scans done quickly and start ADT ASAP. ADT may reduce the effectiveness of the scans by masking places with cancer. But you want to get the docs to pretend that it's their own hides at stake here and get busy.

    Your docs should also consider beginning chemotherapy soon. As has been discussed extensively on this group, two major clinical trials ("CHAARTED" and "STAMPEDE") have demonstrated that men getting ADT + chemo live significantly longer than men getting the old standard of ADT followed by chemo. The big cancer centers are all switching to this new protocol.

    Best of luck.


  • Let me amend what I said about starting ADT would not have helped. It would have helped, but not saved you, and would have masked the great aggressiveness of your cancer - which is important to know about.

    But whatever happened in the past, the thing now is to get started quickly with treatment.

  • Alan,

    The Mayo Clinic would perform the scans first, then 4 weeks of ADT, then radiation...their position is ADT makes the radiation more effective.


  • I agree. ADT shrank my prostate from 34 to 27, presenting a smaller target.

  • I second that!

  • I fully agree with Alan.

    Hope you will get the situation under control very soon.


  • Hi Chubby42, thank you for sharing, try to stay calm and keep doing the best, next thing, we are all here learning/helping each other looking for answers , I too was a 4+3, the last time I checked my psa doubling time I was horrified too, my cancer is in the bones, all over, everywhere. my second chemo drug I'm on will one day stop working then I'm on to radium233, I do suffer greatly from the effects of chemo drugs, I have a lot of difficulties that I never wanted, I am dealing with stomach pain as we speak, I just keep trying to push on, what the heck let's just keep trying all we can for as long as we can and see what happens, some day they will find better treatments than castration and our sons hopefully will not have to deal with this problem, I pray.



  • Jack you might try CBD to help with the chemo sickness. It helped me and maybe it could help you too.


  • looking into cannabis ,I tell ya I used to bounce back in one week now it takes two, damn

  • I believe it's helping me in many ways..Aslong s you bounce back, it's a good thing..

  • What is CBD aim planning on having chemo to bud

  • Hi Jack sorry to hear the chemo is giving you trouble, im worried about this as well been able to work and have treatment at the same time i guess we are all different.

    Take care


  • God bless you, brother.Sorry for your suffering.

  • Thanks Jack I will try for sure trying to keep my life as normal as i can.

    Cheers m8

  • MrJack,

    how many chemo injections do you get in each cycle


  • right now my psa is 3.8 I take 40 mg of jevtana along with some other stuff intravenously in the arm once a month it takes three hours to push all the drugs into my arm, they hang several bags on the tree and stick it in me as I relax in a chair, I am also receiving Lupron as my ADT drug HT, oh what fun,. so as we speak I am trying to get my stomach acid under control because my stomach has been on fire now for eight days, today I have to relax, no work, rest and don't worry, (good luck with that)

    have a good day and keep pushing on.


  • Strength to you!!!!

  • Thanks for your replies guys, well they seem to do thinks slightly different here by the looks Im having bone scans shortly followed by hermone & Chemotherapy straight after and if the cancer is not in the bones then perhaps more radiotherapy if its in the lymph nodes. The oncologist said I was looking at around 5yrs mostly as my PSA doubling time meant I would burn through the treatment faster than most.

    Have a lot to consider like how long can one work for, Im from Oz but live in the UK so at what stage would it be to hard for me to travel to & from Oz.

    Thanks again


  • Oz? Like...we're not in Kansas anymore, Oz?

  • Ok Aus, oz, Australia

  • Ozzie, Ozzie (Aussie, Aussie) Oz?

  • No shit! mate! Just proves my naivete. And, can you put me up if I come visit? I always had a hanckering to cruise around the outback. I spent a week or so around Greenham Common, UK when it was an air base. It was a blast for me. I mean the in a good way. Great memories.


  • Garry,

    I'm not an expert and may be wrong about this but I'm thinking that a rapid doubling time may indicate that chemotherapy will be especially effective. The reason I say that is that chemo kills dividing cells. Given a rapid doubling time, that would mean that a high percentage of cells are dividing at any given time and are hence vulnerable to chemo. It's something to discuss with the oncologist.


  • Check out recent posts on Metformin and Modified Citrus Pectin. Two things that could slow down disease progression.

  • I've been taking Metformin (1000mg 2x/day with a meal), plus Modified Citrus Pectin (5g powder mixed with chilled green tea in the morning before b'fast), as well as Rouvastatin (generic for Crestor, 20mg 1x/day). Reports I have read indicate that all three contribute to slowing/stopping the metastatic process in their own ways.

  • Citrus pectin is great stuff..Petrasol-C. Is the one I used.

  • Colloidal Silver? Um, no. Beware unconventional miracle cures.

  • Gary chin up mate,no one like bad news but nine out of ten of us get bad news when it comes to dreaded Cancer mate?what ever you decide mate go aggressive as possible knock the shit out of the Fevin Cancer mate..wish you well on yr journey pal 🙏👍

  • Apparently there are cancer cells somewhere else. Don't panic. As long as nothing shows up on a CAT scan or Bone scan your OK. May be time to move on to casodex or another treatment.

    I have heard of Colloidal Silver but have been reluctant to try it. If you do try it please let the group know if it works or not.

    In the meantime here are some websites on other alternative options for Cancer:

  • to Chubby42,

    "OZ didn't give nothing (sic) to the Tin Man that he didn't already have". (That's HEART).

    Great song by AMERICA

    Good Luck, Good Health.

    j-o-h-n Thursday, 05/04/2017 2:49 PM EST

  • Hi Alan you could be right m8 ill bring this up with the oncologist.

    Cheers m8


  • Rough position! This beast is scary. We are all in the same boat..Watching our PSA waiting for testing , truly being tested in every way. Don't let " Bad News" destroy your hope. I 've heard silver is good stuff but I don't about it. Pursue any natural methods or anything that you belive in to be helpful..

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