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Testosterone levels while on Prostap injection

Hi all,I took it upon my self to get my testosterone levels checked as well as my Viatmin D levels and calsuim levels to?aim currently going to have Radiothereapy this month starting on the 24 for 5 and half weeks?just wondered what levels should I be looking at while taking Prostap injection? For my testosterone to be at?? Can any one on this forum give me some input pls?just want to know if it working as it should and what levels measurements should I be expecting while on prostap?? And like to thank every one on this forum who's knowledge is hugely appreciated many thanks to you all 👍

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You would want your T levels be under 20 nanograms/deciliter of blood. This would be considered Castrate.

You would want your D3 levels around 50 nanograms/deciliter, which is the upper level considered high normal---but for therapeutic values, it would be above the 50, but is unknown how far you can go, I am sure mine is well above 50, But I have not measured it as I take high levels, and do sun bathing, to be in the therapeutic range above normal. I do not recommend anyone to do what I do. I am not a Doctor.

Calcium, should be at the considered top range of about 20 nanograms/milliliter. Again I try for much higher levels, as ADT, tends to reduce Bone Density. Again this is what I do. And I prefer using the Amino Acid Chelate form of Calcium, to prevent stone formation in the Kidneys while mega dosing. As I said I repeat I do not recommend, you doing what I do.

There are other supplementation that compliments Calcium, and D3. But the above is what you asked for.


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Thanks for you kind input Nalarats,it's much appreciated my friend👍It's nice more experienced guys on this forum?can give there expertise?regardless of being a Consultant etc 😊



I don't think anyone wants to do what you do. I'd be in the poor house.



Joe---Since I am on a Supplemented Medicare Plan---my costs are for my supplemental program---I calculated this the other day what I am paying. It comes to about 420 dollars a month. I buy at the best prices, using Vitacost and Amazon. I get a 20% coupon from Vitacost every month. I think what I pay is well worth it. I may not beat my disease. But, I am going thru it strong, with minimal side effects. My Doctors all agree that what ever I am doing is providing positive results, even though they do not really want to know what I am Doing.



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