PSA drops another 10 after 3rd chemo

Went for 4th docetaxol today and labs before for what it did after 3 treatments, psa dropped from 88 to 78 between 2nd and 3rd treatment. Alk phos which is a indicator of activity in metastic sites to bone was also down 10 again and now well within range of normal. Yahoo!!! Because I had a allergic reaction last time, they gave me benydryl and extra dex through iv as part of my premed package. Also they slowed the drip for the first 30 mg of docetaxol bcse if you have a reaction it will likely be in first 30 mg, which is a good idea for anyone on chemo to slow the drip for first 30 mg.

best to all


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  • Doing the happy dance for you Dan!!! How exciting ;)

  • Thank You , yes happy dance for me today, I was thinking we waited to long.

    still researching for what to do next, maybe I will get some time.


  • Wishin Hopin & prayin Dan. Hope you're well enough to enjoy whatever makes you smile :)



  • Dan,

    I'm glad to hear that you're getting some benefit from the treatment and that you've got a method now for beating the bad reaction.

    Best of luck.


  • Thanks Alan, I appreciate the kind words.

  • Dan, my oncology nurse has introduced the chemo slowly for the first 5 minutes both times. She said that it was to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction. They also gave me Dexamethasone which is a steroid, which helps also. I've also heard others are given Prednisone. As for what's next, I saw this in my travels today, looks quite promising... . I haven't heard of SARDS (selective androgen receptor degraders) before, but it looks promising.

  • Not sure if that URL will be enough- anyway, I followed the link to the study article and found this alarming article about a retraction of published research. It's such a wild world out there.

  • Thanks West, I hope you have a good day today!

  • "Fortune favours the brave"

    Best of luck to you Dan.


  • Sounds promising Dan...would you mind sharing your experience with side effects?

  • not really much, I ice my fingernails and put a cold pack on my toes to help with the fingernail problem and possibly some neuropathy, and I suck on ice cubes during chemo, about 1 hour, to prevent mouth sores and taste bud problem. Constipation sets in after chemo so for first 4 days after I take a laxative (sennecot) to help with this and it does.The dexamethsoone pills day before and day of and day after, prevent to much sleep I was up till about 3 am doing things around the house, now I am up at 8 to go to the dentist for a cleaning.


  • Oh Dan.....I'm so sorry :(

  • I am up at 8 to go to the dentist for a cleaningI hope you cleared that with your med onc.

    I hope you cleared that with your med onc. It's among the "invasive procedures" than blood thinners can render risky. Be sure to tell your dentist.

  • Thanks, That is a good thought, am not on blood thinners and I should have mentioned it to My MO

  • j-o-h-n Fist Bumps Dan59

    j-o-h-n Wednesday 04/12/2017 12:39 PM EST

  • Hey Dan, that's good news. How are you feeling after the 4th chemo? Is is the same ? I go for my second chemo next week. After the 10th day, I felt much better with minimal side effects-Nick

  • I really do not feel bad at all, I just finished my final 2 dexamethasone, so I am certain to crash, probably sleep in tomorrow, but I have been on the go while on the dex, for me it was the same as it did after 2 chemo as far as side effects.I was sure glad they went slow and stayed with me for the first 10 minutes last time as I had an allergic reaction, had to stop get some benydrll and more steroid , wait 45 minutes and start again, this time the included the benydrll in the premed package and I had no problem.

  • Good job Dan.


  • Thanks Joel, Doing the Happy Dance at home tonight.

  • You are in the thick of it.I pray for you and a good outcome.Keep diligent..

  • Thanks Lulu

  • hi Dan, you are brave man, leading by example. I so much appreciate your will power & humour, stay conquering upon every obstacle, as you have always been , you are in my prayers.

  • Thank You Lucky. I like that name! you are in my prayers as well.

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