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Hyper thermic exposure to improve chemo activity

Hyper thermic exposure

11 year survivor with stage 4 prostate cancer. PSA 3800, bone mets through out spine and rib cage. Xfigo did nothing. Three years on chemo, first Docetaxel then to Jevtana . Now back to Docetaxel on a weekly cycle. Found some info on hyperthermic treatments to make the chemo active on the tumor sites ie. hot tub or sauna after chemo to get more blood flowing. Any comments?

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Sun, I did 6 cycles of docetaxel starting in June of 2016 and responded very well to the chemotherapy. I would bring an exercise step with me to the treatment room and do steps to get blood flowing at a higher volume and possibly to places it may not otherwise go. My goal was to make sure the poison did its job. The nurses did not mind as it was only light exercise and were even intrigued by it. I even set myself up so I could read while doing the steps. I would also continue to exercise at home. Not only does it speed up heart rate but it keeps you alert and awake and did not leave me exhausted or sleepy.


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I doubt that a hot tub would deliver a temperature that would, in itself, add to PCa toxicity, but it might be enough to induce production of heat shock proteins [HSPs]. The HSP family make it more difficult to kill PCa. Some act as chaperones to the androgen receptor on their way to the nucleus.

As for increasing the blood supply, a nitroglycerine patch will dilate blood vessels via release of nitric oxide. I had no problem getting a prescription from my integrative medicine guy. See my post:

"Non-PCa Prescription Drugs: Nitroglycerin"



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