Advanced Prostate Cancer

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So good to see that smiling face! Your message came at a most appropriate time. Spent most of yesterday at the hospital for CT scans and other stuff since my PSA now seems out of control by Lupron. Will get results on Monday and plan future treatments but....... I feel better today than I have in months. Got more sleep last night than I can recall in years, all my aches and pains seem to have disappeared. As a quick update, my overall problems have been quite thorough-colorectal cancer with surgery in 2004 leaving me with wearing that baggy on my stomach; hip replacement next year, both well survived. PCA started in 2007 blamed on my 2 of 20 years service (Army) in Vietnam. Had HDR brachetherapy, not the seeds but series of radiation blasts via metal rods through my crotch guessing where the cancer was located (rectum free due to colorectal surgery made guesswork necessary). Pronounced cancer free after two rounds which was diagnosis was retracted after several weeks, whoopee! Started with periodic Lupron then which began to fail three months ago. Will see onc on Monday to decide our new attack mode. (We won't discuss urosepsis attack which impacted my vision and left me with a dab of vertigo). This completed my fall from being a former club champion here at a difficult golf course to giving it up and distributing all my clubs, balls, etc to friends at my club. My only raison d'etre now is taking my 5 and 6 year old grandchildren to and from school and babysitting same, which I love, having had no children of my own in several marriages. However let's forget the boo hoos (which I am not good at) and start with the scans, CT and whatever else they did to me yesterday. I feel GREAT. Got my best night's sleep in several years as I usually can't achieve much with my CPAP hookup and urine collection bag attached by condom catheter with little chance to move without disruption of my hookups. However, as I noted, I feel better and more rested than I have in years and your note at exactly this time adds to my good feelings. I intend to restart my 2 mile morning strolls on Monday and continue my quest to KCA, Kick Cancer's A..

Love and all the best to you all

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