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Question For The Board and Dr. Nalakrats On How To Build and Maintain Muscle Mass

I just read a study where they gave guys on ADT the supplements Arginine Pyroglutamate and HMB. The guys were able to maintain muscle mass and even build muscle and had increased strength. Since I pump iron, when I read the study I thought Holy Cow Nalakrats and went to Amazon and ordered Arginine Pyroglutamate caps 1200 mg and HMB 1000 mg. Then I thought I better do a little research...I found numerous studies where Arginine raises IGF-1 and GH and can promote the growth of cancerous tumors, and other studies where Arginine does not promote cancer growth. Anyone have more info or experience.


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Dunno, but will be studying the whole ADT/chemo/fatigue/sarcopenia/nutrition/exercise thing heavily and soon. One of the primary reasons I'm beginning with Leibowitz's protocol is its intent to get me off these crushing drugs and back into heavy duty, high-strength, high-endurance sports. I've only been on ADT for a week now, but my T should be at fully castrate levels because I chose Firmagon over Lupron. So far I feel (and perform in the gym) no differently. I intend to do all I can to carry this response as far as I can through his 13-month ADT program.

OTOH, I WON'T be taking compensatory supplements without vetting them first. A highly regarded source of such information at $15/month is


but I usually use a free source I consider just as good. When I can remember its name I'll get back to you.

HGH/IGF-1 are optimized far better and more safely by intermittent fasting and HIIT, and their MANY other benefits are thrown in.


Be careful with leibowitz...on the old yahoo board a number of posters blamed him for deaths


ANY references to his track record would be greatly appreciated. I'm reaching for what I hope to be a brass ring, not straws. The U.S. SOC treatment -- nasty drugs until they fail then death in a median 3.5 years from now -- sounds so MUCH less optimistic than nasty drugs for 13 months often followed by years of normal vigorous life. I can't imagine why L's protocol, which uses the same ADT and chemo drugs plus a few other FDA-approved drugs to improve both the efficacy and tolerance of them would kill anyone, simply because there's nothing keeping the patient from saying, "This isn't working. I'm going back on the SOC treatment ... with the same anticancer drugs but fewer anti-SE drugs. I plan to examine L's data very closely well before I go visit them.


That excellent free source is .


I continue to do weight lifting to at least try and maintain muscle mass and strength, as well as bone health. I recall from my days as a 98 lb weakling (a long long time ago) that squats (or equivalent) exercises that worked your thigh muscles was the secret to kicking up the process. I've only recently added that to my routine. Might not be advisable if your knees aren't healthy.


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