For our USA Brothers: Petition for an Office of Mens Health

It's up to US to Spread This Around! This is our moment to get an Office of Men's Health. Let's get 100,000 signatures on this by February 21, 2017

It's our first step, and it's an important one.

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  • Come on!!! I am only the second person to sign the petition in 24hours, in the country by the counter on the screen. As the hospital coordinator of volunteers said to me: if I put out a call for a breast cancer drive effort in 24 hours I will have 400 or 500 volunteers, for prostagte cancer I am lucky to get 8.

    Brothers, I implore ylou to help others and yourself; please sign the petition.


  • So right, Rich. Just look what the wonderful women did...and with less than 3 months to put it together. We don't even have the 8 you mention.


  • Herb, as my wife said. " You fellows have to get out there, as the women will do. "


  • Rich: and you answered: "yeah, yeah."

  • I signed. I don't think the counter is updating -- the count hadn't changed when I went back to look. If there were a place to add text I would also have asked that Medical Marijuana not be subject to Federal attack. That guy Sessions worries me.

  • Signed!

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