A Message from Malecare Regarding the Travel & Refugee Ban into the USA

All of us are affected by the recent refugee and travel ban. At one time or another, all of us have been helped by doctors, medical students, nurses, social workers, caregivers and fellow cancer patients who were born outside of the United States. Many of the treatments and drugs that keep us alive were developed by foreign born scientists and researchers. And, like me, some of us are partnered or married to men and women who were born outside of our borders.

Barring people of a particular origin or religion from entering the U.S. is antithetical to both Malecare’s and our nation's core values. We are not fooled by the false claim that these restrictions will protect our nation or are merely temporary.

We at Malecare stand with the patients and health care workers who share the honor of our care. As America’s leading men’s cancer survivor support and advocacy nonprofit organization, we fear the harmful impact this Presidential executive order will have on our cancer patient community and ask that it be reversed.

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  • Thanks you! I've had nurses from Mali (A Muslim, and a wonderful nurse), Cambodia (a great guy), Somalia, and who knows where else, doctors from all over (including Syria), and hospitals in my town (Minneapolis) function on the backs of many Somali employees, some of whom showed me significant kindness when I was in distress. I fear the effects of this ban not only on the cancer research and treatment community, but on the kind people who have helped me.

  • Thank you, not thanks you--can't even type this late at night!

  • I find this post objectionable. It is also factually incorrect. I come on this site to try to help others not to have political rhetoric spewed at me

    I doubt I will return to this site

    Bill Manning

  • Ditto!


  • So I guess you would refuse a pc cure if it came from Iraq or Iran. You would refuse because the person is Muslim and may pose a threat of some kind. Most of the people that have made terrorist attacks in this country are not from those countries or deny being part of any religion. The only people that are not foreign here are American Indian.


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  • I'll try again ... leave your inaccurate political bias out of this forum. If we are not allowed to post our partisan politics here (a good thing ), neither should you, especially when your accusations are disproved and politically motivated. (I usually spend more time studying the news than I do studying cancer.)

    Besides, my deep medical concern is over the protestors. If I can't switch planes because they're clogging the airports, I will be forced to change not only the source, but the very essence of my chosen treatment. The impact on my next few years will be dramatic. There's no way I'm going to try to fly through San Francisco airport into LAX a dozen times under these circumstances. The solution is bulldozers, not capitulation.

  • Asking trump for anything ain't going to do any good! Look at all his earlier transgressions.

  • Do you have proof this is not temporary? The President says it is temporary, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. There are several Countries not affected. From the whole gamut religions , especially Muslims. Ithe Counties picked were also targeted by the previous President. You have your facts wrong. And this is the wrong place to post them.

    If an Iranian developed a cure for PCA, yes I would take it. But to say that more careful vetting is not needed, and the President just trying to get a handle on things.

    The sky is not falling. The World will still be researching PCa. Calm down just a little.

    Just my D&@) opinion.

  • To ALL my friends of EVERY political persuasion:

    I sympathize with everyone suffering from or with cancer whether they agree with me politically or not. I will try to answer cancer related questions from everyone and try to help out - and I recognize that all of you have done the same.

    For myself, I promise the following:

    I will not promote my political views on this forum. And just as importantly, I will not take offense from, respond negatively to, or stop caring about, anyone whose political views differ from mine.

    I encourage everyone to do the same.

    We're all here for the same thing - health and healing. Let's not get mad at each other. It doesn't help anyone.

    Good health to all.


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