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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Which Treatments Yield The Best Outcomes?

That's the question that underlies most of the questions we post here on our advanced prostate cancer community. As our community grows, and as we all become more "expert" at understanding, we get closer to the answer. For us to grow, we have to invest two things.

First, our time. Our time in posting, replying and in listening to the feelings and concerns each of us have. May I suggest that, in 2018, we also invest a few minutes each month to encourage others to join our community. I believe our "sweet spot" in membership will be around 5,000...right now, we're at 2,600. Let's try to get two or three thousand more men and caregivers to join us by next December.

Second, our money. Malecare started and facilitates this community. We've got a tiny office in a co-working space and internet and software bills to pay. Being a USA based 501c3 nonprofit organization means we also have to pay a bookkeeper and accountant, to fill out our required tax forms...much more expensive to do than you may imagine. We also pay for the occasional consultant to design things, or help us with IT questions. We have consultants and freelance people to pay for the occasional work project. And, several other expenses, too, including a very small staff. All told, we have one of the lowest budgets among all of our counterpart organizations, and yet, I feel, we do the greatest amount of good. I believe, this year, more than any other year, we have earned your trust and your good will. Please donate to keep us going at malecare.org/donate You can use your credit card for any currency and country, though you will have to "state" the amount in US dollars...no worries, the application is secure and will make the conversation through your local bank or credit card service.

You can also mail us a check to:

Malecare , Third Floor, #39, 85 Delancey Street, New York NY 10002

Many thanks in advance!


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Snuffy says that the most likely best treatment is a combination of approaches at the same time (of about 3 months) along differing axes, rather than a strategy of sequential failures.


Hi Martin,

This is his highly informed opinion, based on his impressive career, is that right? Or does he have the completed Phase 3 research to back it up? I ask because my oncologists are only influenced to vary from one-at-a-time by the latter, somewhat to my frustration. Thank you.



Hi Darryl

In the short time since joining the forum I truely sense that you have done an incredible job.

Give your self a pet on the back for a wonderful work you routinely perform.

Before Christmas I mentioned I worked for my company for the full year and yet I was rewarded a $50 gift card. I think this could be the trend in Australia.

So I have donated US$50 and I am happy and I will endeavour to support your organisation.

Talking about giving I would like to share this story of mine.

Back in January 17 I withdrew $10000 from my pension fund. I handed over to my mum and got her to donate $4000 to the Council for the Deaf and Blind.

I have the this inkling feeling that always weighs on me.

Very often people want to see and hear Only what they wants.

In the mist of things where the answers/solutions is right in front of you and you missed them completely.

So having donated $4000 and I will very likely add to it.

I can today announce that I am alive and healthy due to my kind gesture.

I do have family members who were very devoted Christian and they think I a miracle cured by their prayers.

Do whatever fate or Devine intervention I think my good gesture has rewarded me this quality of life do far.

And by the look of things many more surprises which I hope to be able to update.

Happy New Year everyone.



You are kind


Hi Darryl and all.

I must say that I absolutely love this forum. It is so good to be able to talk to people who are experiencing the same. It is so good to hear other people's advice which comes straight from their own experience or from what their doctors, who are all experts in the field, have told them. I have learned so much here. And sometimes, when things are difficult, it is good to hear how other people have dealt with the same difficulties or, at times, that I am worried too much. Thank you all for being here. It really makes a huge difference.

I also think, like somebody said before, that there are so so many different ways of treating prostate cancer today, and the best way of treating it is probably with trying all the different therapies and treatments, sometimes maybe in combination, that are out there.

The most important thing is to never give up and to never give up hope.

Mel and Paul.


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