Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Live It Up and Die Happy II

The Medical profession loves to attack Ty Bollinger as a "bad guy" but lets take a closer look at the guys in white the "good guys". When Lupron was approved by the FDA as a replacement for DES the URO's were bribed to put all their PCa cases on Lupron. If you go back and look at the statistics you will find a big spike in PCa deaths around this time. Why?...Well it turns out millions of these PCa patients had a non-aggressive form of PCA and would have died with PCa not because of it. But when they were put on Lupron they eventually developed CRPC and died. Then there is the IMRT boondoggle that replaced Lupron as the next big money maker. What about those compassionate folks at Cancer Treatment Centers of America...turns out they only want cancer patients with Cadillac Insurance Plans so they can bill sky high fees. Who should a guy with PCa trust....well my barber told me about an Indian Doc who has a cure for PCa...fertilized chicken eggs, cottage cheese, flax seed oil, apricot kernels, graviloa, and some secret powder made from mushrooms..just called an made an appointment.


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Do I scientific study/approach--you will need to monitor weekly, and chart. If you leave us --let me know where to send flowers? If it works, get back to me.



Meant do a scientific study--too much saltwater in my eyes!


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