Live It Up and Die Happy

Pete was 45 and had a baseline PSA test that came back at 7300...tests revealed GS 10...and on a scan he lit up like a christmas tree. Like most guys he got religion and went on a vegetarian diet, even eating tree bark like Eaul Gibbons and drinking gallons of green and purple juice. Lupron/chemo brought PSA down to 300 but starting rising after 7 months...xtandi + subsequent chemo all failed and PSA went back up to 13000. He figured he might as well live it up with the time he had left and started eating porterhouse steaks, huge double cheeseburgers, 2 dozen eggs a week with plenty of bacon..basically the Adkins Diet...surprise surprise..his PSA starting falling all the way to .7 and all his bone mets resolved..maybe PCa likes vegetables and cholesterol has a protective effect inhibiting metastasis...who knows..but one fact that stands out is a lot of what the medical profession puts out is total BS.


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  • Wow! Eat all of the "bad stuff" and send cancer packing. Now there is a trial study that I would like to take part of!

  • I want to be on the placebo (sugar) arm.

  • Gus where is Pete and I would like to hear his story, I have to admit to after 10 years of staying away from red meat , bacon, and most dairy, I now enjoy having Bacon and eggs with fried potatoes for breakfast, I even cooked myself up a NY steak, last week, mostly I am trying to eat because in the last 3 months I have lost 30 lbs, not that I did not need to lose 30 , just that I want it to stay there now.

  • So what exactly was Pete's diet? If it was Atkins, that is not exactly all the "bad stuff" diet: coke, cupcakes, hotdogs, potate chips. It is yes meat and eggs, but mostly I thought low carb no sugar low poly saccaride. Fat ok and meat ok and dairy/eggs ok. vegetables ok even.

    Atkins did have a cancer ward, but he could not make his diet work against cancer. So there is that.

    I know you are joking about the exrapolation from one case, and of course diet may have no bearing at all. They do say that "heart healthy" is a good strategy.

  • Adkins is heart healthy if you follow it. The Feds had the food pyramid upside down for years thanks to Madison Avenue and other stuff too numerous to mention. The main thing is Pca is fought with protein. If it doesn't get it it from food. It eats you.


  • The article is a little hysterical for my taste.

  • Gus, for your info I was Atkins 10 years before he came on the scene and wrote his book. Truth be known I am still on Atkins. The science is known to but a few!


  • Everything in moderation, except love and affection, is my motto. However, I find this "testimonial" as difficult to swallow than his diet.


  • I would have to say BS to this article. Many in the medical profession spend a lifetime trying to keep people just like us alive. Now I stated many, not all. If someone wants to follow a radical, money making schemer, fine proceed at your own risk. Besides if it's on the Internet it must be true.


  • Take this for what it is, a individual's story, most likely not true, on a web page that is designed to sell products. Cynicism is in order to not buy snake oil.


  • I had high cholesterol a few years back. I was put on a statin, and changed my diet. Then I read that statins weren't that good at all. So, I quit both, and my cholesterol has been normal ever since.

    I look at it this way, if red meat, eggs, and whole milk are feeding my disease, so be it. I've had this way before my Dx, and i'm doubtful my diet had anything to do with it.


  • Maybe Bollinger is a fraud, but before you listen to his critics, the stooges for the Med/Pharma Industry remember what these "good guys" gave us...Trans Fats, low fat/high carb diet, high fructose corn syrup..these idiots killed millions


  • Gus,

    Does "Pete" actually exist? Did his medical history actually happen? Does Ty Bollinger, whose only credential I could see is that he is a certified public accountant, actually know anything about medicine much less about cancer? Has he ever read a real medical textbook? Has he ever looked at a tumor cell in a microscope? He has all kinds of comments on cholesterol but can he tell you what the chemical formula of cholesterol is?

    There's a lot of fake news, fake medicine, fake stories and fraud on the Internet. If you go to a real oncologist you might still die of cancer. Cancer is a hard disease to cure and we still only know a fraction of what we need to know to fully understand it. And ultimately, like it or not, we'll all die of something and for a lot of us our terminal illness will be cancer.

    The solution to the problem is more science, not more fakes and frauds.


  • Alan,

    I would call Bollinger a pseudo fraud because 70% of what he says is true and 30% total BS


  • Gus, give it up, brother. Ty Bollinger is a total fraud.

  • Gus,

    Please read the article that StarlighterLen cited above. It's excellent.

    I don't know whether Bollinger qualifies as an intentional fraud or not. He may be, but he may not. There are millions of people who don't really understand what science is or how it works. For them, conspiracy theories are much easier to understand than the biochemistry of modern cancer treatment. People are dying. They think - there must be a simple explanation. It must be a conspiracy of the doctors, the drug companies and the FDA bureaucrats. They become willing victims of the con artists like Mercola, Burzynski, and many others who make millions of dollars selling conspiracy theories and "alternative" treatments to desperate and gullible patients.

    Maybe Bollinger is an honest fool, a stubborn person who is so convinced that he's right that he won't read books like Mukherjee's _The Emperor of All Maladies_ and instead only gets his information from crackpots and charlatans because he already believes they must be right and the oncologists of the world must be liars and frauds.

    Beware Gus. Don't fall into the same pit as Bollinger. If you're in it now, climb out. I suggest you start by reading Mukherjee's book. It's a wonderful popular exposition of the science of cancer.


  • Alan.

    I am not in any pit...I don't take anything at face value and do my own research. Guys like Mercola and Bollinger are not frauds and a lot of their info is useful and a lot is BS. I read Durk Pearson's book Life Extension..A Practical Scientific Approach... 30 years ago he warned readers to use butter and stay away from trans fats, warned about low fat high carbs and high fructose corn syrup..the FDA said he was a fraud and went so far as preventing him from writing and speaking in public, a ban he eventually got overturned in the courts...sure glad I listened to this fraud and not the big pharma stooges at The FDA


  • One of the things that seems partly true is that people (at the end) do die of the treatment; that is, of "friendly fire". Could be not waking up from morphene given for pain, or the cachexia/wasing away that can happen. Cachexia is not caused directly by the cancer, but the body's over reaction to the cancer, "giving it all I got".

    That is at the edge however. And doesn't rehabilitate Bollinger. I don't know him, btw.

  • Gus,

    If 70% of what a man says is true and 30% is total BS, is he an honest man or a bullshitter? Can a man be called honest if "only" 30%, or for that matter "only" 10%, of what he says are lies?

    Try this example:

    1. Prostate cancer is a serious disease.

    2. It can kill you.

    3. I know how to cure it.

    If I said that, only one of the three statements would be a lie. Would that make me a "mostly honest" man? Would I only be a "pseudo" liar?


  • Amen to that Gus. They don't know everything and diet is certainly one


  • For many people a ketogenic diet works against cancer. It has helped me

  • Its a modified low carb high healthy fat diet more suited for cancer patients than hust to lose weight.

  • Hank,

    It looks like the "bad" fats from red meat, eggs, and lard are good and the "good" fats from vegetable oils are bad, rancid, and cause cancer


  • Not so I have not changed my diet and my psa was above 2200. My psa is now .21 so I am not sure diet has anything to do with it. My onc. has said nothing about my diet except to eat more to keep my weight up. Will be getting new bone scan and CT scan later this month. Last one showed some bone nets reduced the rest not advancing. Also lung mets stable. I don't belive the story total so don't get me wrong. Each person reacts differently to things so keep that in mind.

    ON a lighter side my wife gave me a womens pregency to use. I have slept using it for a week or so now and it has helped keep joint pain down.

  • Chewy,

    What does your onc have you on that reduced your psa from 2200 to .21


  • I did 6 sessions of taxotere and now on xtandi. They thought I only had a few weeks to live back in march 2016. Just about all my bones had mets on them.

  • Way to go. And they gave you chemo!

  • if you dont mind untested ideas, if you look at the warnings for the drug plerixafor, you see it mobilizes stem cells into the blood from the bone, but can also mobilize cancer cells out of the bone.

    Dr Pienta at Johns Hopkins is seeing if that side effect can be used as "liquid surgery" for bone mets. Clever, but just starting.

  • Not something that I would feel comfortable doing. I think that I will stick with the mainstream medical professions opinions.

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